Ming Da MC767-RD Tube Phono Stage

I am in the market for an inexpensive (sub $1,000) phono stage for my office system. Poking around on E-bay I stumbled across this unit made in China.

Is anyone familiar with it? From the photos it appears to be nicely constructed by I can't dig up any reviews or comments on the unit.

Ken Golden
I guess it is the same as meixing Chineese made and they look similar.Please check the website seiki.com.I understand they are well made products and perform well.There is a brief review of it some where.
Vrsola: Is the website seiki.com correct? I cannot access to it.

Lasercd: $1000 is a lot of money for phono stage--i.e., you can get very good gear for that money. A used MFA Magus C with great phono stage costs about $6-700. Counterpoint SA-5000, Audible Illusions Modulus, and Audio Research SP series are within your price range, and they are very good gears.

Thanks for the comment. I am using an Aloia preamp in my office system and I am quite happy with it. Unfortunately the phono card is functioning erratically and it's easier to just pick up an inexpensive phono stage. I'm not looking to replace the preamp.

Ken Golden