Mind over matter

First of all we have to accept the fact that there will always be a bigger fish than us.  Somebody’s system is going to sound better.  If we agonize over this fact of life we’ll never be happy with our setups.
There will always be gear imperfections that we may not like.  In the constant quest for better and better performance there has to come a time when we stop and say, for now, we’ve come as close as is feasible and be HAPPY.
 This is not written for those of you who have reached that point.  It’s written for those like me, who tend  to agonize.  I think I’ve reached the point now where I can relax ... and I wish the same for you.
For now!
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Yeah, its rough, because without the critical listening technical nit-picking you can't build the music system, but then the same thing that enables the building disables the enjoyment. Audiophilia nervosa, we used to call it.

Eventually, my case anyway, always get to a point things sound so good I couldn't be critical even if I wanted to. Which truth be told, I don't. What I want is that splendid catharsis only music can bring. When really its the music that brings that feeling. Not the system. The music. So relax. Enjoy the music.
Agreed RV.

I had a great sounding system about 6 years ago that stayed constant for near 3 years.
Then I got the crazy idea that class D was the way to go and it has taken near 3 years and MANY changes to get back to a point where I can just sit back and enjoy the music.

Now admitted I will say the SQ of present system is far and away better than anything of old and is a real joy.

Of course there is much better out there but it's time to stop and smell the roses.

At least that is the plan ... Lol.
Hey, the early settlers did the same thing! A lot of them said, “Well, I’ve had enough of all this covered wagon crap, and wild injuns. I’m settling here, you guys go on ahead without me.” 🤗
I've followed a number of your recent threads so I am familiar with your particular journey.  You've assembled a wonderful system.  Congrats on being content.  It is something some will never achieve.
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Thanks for the very kind words.

I had almost most the same exact experience.

Yes indeed, the music’s the thing.  And if you can keep your mind on it, the sound tends to take care of itself.
Thats the hard part, though.
Music is the thing but its hard not to tinker with things.  My system sounds spot on right now but I still have the urge to change a cable or a preamp.

I don’t sell alot of equipment so I have lots of backups on the bench.  That is good and bad - always have backups but also always having the urge to change something.  Fortunately I haven’t changed anything lately.

What does bring me joy in the music is going deep into my LP collection and not listening to the same 100 or so albums.  I am always amazed how much excellent music there is when I dig deep.
Yes, again the music is the thing.  But before we became engrossed in this crazy hobby, it was the ONLY thing.  Now, I can’t listen to music on my system without the SOUND entering into the equation.  Unless it’s a patently historic recording, or mono, my enjoyment of the music is tempered by what the sound is like.  That was never the case before.  I can’t seem to enjoy the music if the sound isn’t right.  What a pity that is.
The music should come first, but unfortunately, it doesn’t.
 If I’m listening on a car radio or something, the problem doesn’t exist.
 Zoom, right to the music!
Such is the nature of our obsession.
Yes indeed, the music’s the thing. And if you can keep your mind on it, the sound tends to take care of itself.
Thats the hard part, though.

On that subject I highly recommend the Three Principles (Mind, Consciousness, and Thought) and of course Alan Watts.
Of course it is all case of mind over matter as the wife tells me constantly.

"I don't mind and you don't matter"

Says it all.....