Min room size for Wilson Audio Sophia or WP8

Folks, it seems if I'm about to get a money wise deal on one of those speakers and would like to see your opinion on what would be the better way to go.

The room is 6 x 3.3m (19 x 11 ft), ceiling 3m (9.8ft).

I'm affraid that WP8 would be too much for that small room. Anyone had similar conditions to choose?

Amps would be PassLabs XA-60.5 or XA100.5 PreAmp 10 or 20-th.
Sorry, Sophia 2 is the one considered
I would tend to agree that the SaSha/Watt Puppy would be too large but are you sure the Sophia would be? It might fit. I would contact Wilson to get clarification on the different models. The Smaller single woofer Sophia may sound fine in that space. Make sure your amplification is up to snuff.
The 11' dimension is going to be the problem. I speak from experience. I used to own Sophia II's and after spending a small fortune on trying to tame the sound in a small room, sold them.

If you are going to set up the speakers on the long wall, you will need at least 1.5 feet from the back wall to the back of the speaker leaving a 6' foot distance from the front of the speakers to the listening position . This is not far enough. Plus, the sound will reflect off of the rear wall causing havoc. If you are going to set up on the short wall, you will need at least 1.5' from each side wall to the sides of the speakers, leaving 7' of space (tweeter to tweeter) between the speakers. This will drastically affect spatial depth of field, soundstage and openness.

Room treatments, cabling, electronics, etc., will help but not cure the situation.

Don’t get me wrong, Wilson's are my absolute favorite speaker. But they need room to breathe to enable them to sound they way they should.
Mechans, Do you not recommend Pass Labs gear with the Wilsons?
Strangely, I found that the Watt Puppies I had did not need a lot of room front to back. They do not boom in the bass, which is very well controlled (and just plain good).
I did use a Pass X350 amp.
more than enough space, but will respond well to room treatments, as all rooms do.
Hi Sergeik: My listening room is 20' x 131/2'. Had Sophias for a few years and
later WP7s, each in various configurations. The Sophias are wonderful. But I was
able to hear all of the differences between the Sophias and the WPs in my apt
that I heard in the showroom. Re bass, I found that I heard all of the differences
between a 10" woofer versus two 8" inch woofers in my space. Maxxs
would be too big for your space, but if you set either of these speakers up well, I
think you'll be fine.
Thanks for the thoughts.

Gpgr4blu, do I get it right that 10" woofer does it better than 2 x 8" ones?
Hi Sergeik:
Actually, the 2 8' woofers to my ears are more accurate (tighter bass) and can reach a little bit lower in the frequency range. The 10" woofer rounds off the low end a touch, makes it sound a little bigger and is slightly warmer. Each set up is voiced for the speaker. The 10" woofer would be too slow for the WP. The 2 8" woofers would be too tight and fast for the slightly richer but less transparent Sophia.
Gpgr4blu, thanks.
no advantage either way - they'll both be fine.
For that particular size you have, either one would fit. Though the WP8 do require a large soundstange from how they handle, if going with the Sophia you would be fine. Our room we actually have both the Sophia and Sasha Watt Puppy, both sound excellent and smooth on the midrage, though the Sasha does have a slight better dynamics to its sound, but keep in mind we also you sound reflectors in the room to keep sound as accuarte as possible. Where do you live?
One thing that needs to stand out when discussing Sophia bass is the way it can convey the fact that a fender bass is being played rather than sounding generic this is an extremely rare quality in any speaker and was commented on by mr atkinson in their stereophile review. I heard this once a long time ago and thought it was due to the amp and pre. I retread the review three weeks ago and now have s1 at a nice 6k price arriving next week. I have a 18-13-8 room that opens into a hallway with a small 12-10 room on the other side which has big openings. I am thinking about placing the tweeters 26inches from side wall and around 50 from back wall. Any thoughts my friends?
Folks, any thoughts on a 14x14x8 room for the Sophia? I know, a square room is the work of the devil, but it's what I've got. I have room treatments already in place.

My advice is engage a Wilson dealer to set up. It is well worth it.
Sorry I didn't respond sooner. The Pass electronics are great no problem there. I merely mentioned that good amps are needed because the Wilsons will play all the defects you send them as accurate speakers.
I use to run w/p 8's with pass XA 100.5's. The XA-60.5 will strain to drive the load w/p 8's require at louder listening levels. Your room is adequate for w/p 8's
If you are able to make any changes in the room by adding (record) bookcases on one of the 14' lengths, the room should "see" itself as 13' x 14' x 8'. That could be helpful. As far as the speakers, I had WATTS from '86 to '93. Unless you have a cut with deep bass in them, the room will support the speakers. Remember that, if you listen to vocals - and one ones from current times, which add reverb, sound effects and bass to the mix, and you listen to older singers (Ella, Sarah, or whomever), there is no "mixing" in their voices (they wouldn't allow it!) and so you'll be listening to unprocessed jazz singers. The room will do find.
If you listen to things like "The Patriot Games" soundtrack, it might overwhelm your room.
I once put my system in the basement, which, although the ceiling is only 7 1/2' high, by putting insulation in between the joists, it made the ceiling seem "invisible" to the speakers (also absorbed bass running along the ceiling) and since the room was the length of that house (25 x 45), the sound was pretty dazzling. Room size counts, or as we like to say, "Size DOES matter." But only for reflections, not size itself. Remember, HP originally reviewed in a room that was 12' x 16' - and he had the IRS speakers!
P.S. I've had tube traps since 1987, and I assure you, what you've read about the room being too small (late as my response is to your original post) is wrong.
What's more likely is setting the speakers up at the absolute optimum of the room. And things like having the equipment stand in a corner, or the amps between the speakers will matter more in a smaller room than in a larger room.
I did have the Puppies, by the way during all the iterations I had of the WATTS, except the original WATTS did not HAVE Puppies. Dave didn't release those until last '88. I was, he told me, the first non-Wilson person to hear the Puppies. I was pretty flattered, of course, and bought them as fast as I could (which I think he knew I'd do).
I had the originally in a small square room (this was before I knew about room dimensions (around '86). They sounded great on pop music of the time (Michael Jackson's "BAD" came out a few months later, but I'm sure your room, which is bigger, will do just fine.
You can also call Wilson Audio to ask them about room-mapping of the speakers if you're still having problems at this point, a year after your first post.
No direct experience with your question, but I have A/B'd the two in a larger room. The W/P was definitely a bit leaner in the upper bass which usually augers well for full range loudspeaker use in a smallish room (and I'd call both models full range). I can't speak to what will happen really deep in the bass because the larger room in which I heard the two makes my experience less relevant to your question.

Just one more data point for you.