Min room size for Gershman RX20 AvantGarde

Anyone with an experience to indicate min room size for these babies?
These, small foot print speakers, have the ability to throw a big sound and a well defined imagge in large room (26X24X9). Due to recent arrival of the AndraII, I have moved them to a much small room (14X15x8- four-season porch) with about 3 ft away from the rear wall and about 2.5 ft away from the side walls. I am now forced to sit only 7ft away from the speakers and it sounded much better.

Additional room info and Acoustic treatments: I do have two large windows on the side wall covered with fabric curtains and echoe buster products in the rear corners of the room. Hope this helps. Good luck...
A buddy of mine is using his Gershmans in a 12 x 15 room and they integrate very well. He has them on the short wall, around 4' into the room. Anything closer to the back wall and excessive bass becomes an issue. These little floorstanders have an amazing bass output: extended, tight and very solid and they should be kept away from the back wall (they can be quite close to the side walls though). I love the higher end Gershman speakers for their lush, harmonically rich and dynamic sound. The GAP 828 are my favorite, but the little RX-20s have quite a lot to offer too. My friend sold his Merlin VSM-SEs to get the RX20s and he's been extremely happy with them.
Does anyone know how the RX20 compare to Verity Audio Fidelio in terms of room size and positionning? the RX offer way lower bass but are said to be more side wall friendly and can be set only 6-8ft apart. Been told Fidelio need way more than 6-8ft.
Fidelios are relatively easy to position, they do however like to be further away from the side walls than the Gershmans, otherwise you may experience some excessive "splashiness" in the treble. The treble in the Fidelios is quite hotter and the midrange drier than in the RX20, so you have to make sure you're electronics are not overly dry or bright. The Gershmans on the other hand pair very well with neutral sounding components.