Milty Zerostat Gun

You simply point it at whatever item you want to reduce the static charge on (typically an LP, but it can be used on CDs as well), and squeeze the trigger smoothly both in and out. I forgot what is actually happening when you pull the trigger and release it, but I think that when you pull the trigger, it puts out positive ions and when you release it, it produces negative ions. The idea is to bring the charge to a neutral state, so you don't have a strong static charge. It's a great thing to have during the winter. A discwasher does the same thing when it's used with fluid: otherwise it generates a static charge.
OK,but do they work well? will it eliminate ticks, pops and lower surface noise in general?
I have the old Zerostat, and I suspect it is the same as the Milty Zerostat. In answer to your question, yes the gun will eliminate ticks, pops and lower surface noise IF static is the source of those noises. If, however the noise, ticks etc. is because of fingerprints or dirt, you must clean the record with a record cleaning machine. I suggest the VPI 17F. If that model is too pricey, there are less expensive models, and all will improve the performance of your vinyl beyond belief. To get the best results, use good cleaner and proper procedures. If you are interested, I have opinions about both. And, after the LP is clean, its still a good idea to use the Zerostat. Often, the spinning of the LP on the record cleaning machine will generate static and draw dust to your just perfectly cleaned LP. In any case, the Zerostat is a valuable tool, with or without a record cleaning machine.
its one of the only products that does EXACTLY what it is purported to do, remove static. one of the best times to use it is just after you remove an LP from the tt when the static is really alive. if you dont, the record sits in the sleeeve and draws the dust into the grooves. prevention is better than a cure! USE IT. get one if you dont have one.