Million Dollar Speakers?

Think Wilsons are expensive. Look at THIS
I think Kharma makes something for a million as well. Those ceramic drivers are expensive.
Lots of pretty words!

NO FACTS...:-)
Its a photo shopped image - does not really exist. However if someone is willing to pop $ 1M + for a pair of speakers I can surely come up with something looking just like it :-)

Good listening

I have heard a number of different speakers in the 100K - 500K range at Audio Shows. The electronics and source components were at lest that much again. Sounded great! Did they sound better than systems at less than a tenth the cost? Not convinced. Would be interesting to take a 50K system which had been fully tweaked, and match it up to a
million $$$ plus system and do a true double blindfold audition. Probably will never happen, but in that scenario I wouldn't put my money on the 'high priced spread'.
I can't believe any speaker using Accuton ceramic drivers could ask that price! I would take a pair of Magico Q7 MK2, Avalon Tesseract or Genesis Dragons over those speakers every , and invest the $800k spare change in a house.
The company that makes the Adrenaline Rush line of speakers showed off a million dollar system at CES in Vegas, was it 2001? As I recall the monster speakers were driven by a boatload of Plinius electronics. Word on the street was the system didn't sound like a million dollars.
I will dump my speakers and get these asap!!
It appears that, prior to selling these under the HigherFi brand, they were sold under the Moon label. Check out this article:
Moon Loudspeakers

Hey, if it floats your boat, you've taken care of the mortgage, and you've tithed your 10%, I say "Go for it!"