millenium or revelation tweeter?

I've got some Taylo Ref. Monitors with the scanspeak revelation tweeter which sound great and I'm pondering getting another pair of taylos and considering the seas millenium tweeter.

Has anyone heard both and have any comments?

People seem to get "hung up" on the brand name of tweeters, due to either: 1) audio press hoopla 2) the actual superiority of a particular brand of tweeter.

With that said, you must consider that a tweeter is only ONE COMPONENT of many that goes into the manufacture of a completed loudspeaker! Also, some speaker manufacturers highly modify the stock drivers. I have heard several speakers that have phenomenal high frequency response and dazzling transients produced by their tweeters. Yet, the mid-range and/or woofers don't seem to match the performance of the tweeters. Listen to the SPEAKER, not the DRIVERS! The sound should be seamless, from top end to bottom end. Sometimes, you'll find that either the highs, mids, or lows really grab you, leaving the other drivers sounding "left behind". In my opinion, such speakers are not seamless, and this "unbalanced" presentation will soon become tiresome.
Have you spoken to Ty? I'm sure he would give you an honest opionion about both tweets. If you haven't already, give him a call.
Long answer is that having owned Taylos(revelator)and then Linbrooks (millenium) I prefer the millenium tweeter. Find that its not as hot or aggressive in presentation. Is that because with the Linbrooks you have 2 mid/bass drivers which could be accentuating more mid/low frequencies and therefore the highs from the tweeter are less apparent?

Short answer is I like the millenium but give Ty a call.
I had talked to Ty and he said its a personal preference and he has said the revelator is smooth and the millenium is more open.
My "personal preference" is for the Millenium. Seas makes some incredible drivers.
I have a pair of taylos with the revelator, and would like to swap it out with a millenium just for comparison. Does anyone know if the housings on the two tweeters are the same size?

I see your post is from 6 months ago, but...

I am just now considering ordering the Taylo Reference monitors.

I just talked to Ty. I'm still not sure which tweeter to order, but he did say that the faceplates ARE a different size - one is 4" and the other is 4.25", so they cannot be swapped.

He also said that he uses a different crossover with each tweeter.
I just broke in a Linbrook Signature with the Seas Millenium - my other speakers have the Dynaudio Tweeter. I've not heard the Revelator, but what I have heard of it reminds me of similar comments about Dynaudio. The Seas is very smooth and natural - no etched or piercing highs. I love the fact that it does not draw attention to itself - and it makes speaker placement a bit easier than with the Dyna's. FWIW.
I own Tyler Acoustics speakers with both kinds of tweeters...

My feeling is they are both fabulous tweeters, and are equals (just different sounding).

The Revelator is a bit more detailed, while the Millenium is more natural.

If I *had* to choose one for *my* use, I would say I prefer the Revelator by ever slight a margin, but I have a preference for detailed sound. I would not say it is the "better" tweeter, but rather it is more in line with my preferences.

Both tweeters sound fabulous in all the speakers from Ty, BTW.

I have owned numerous speakers from TA. I prefer the Scan speak units. I feel they have more air and detail. That could be due to my taste in music. I even had TA use the upgraded Ring Rev. tweeter and that unit is expensive but amazing. I do agree some folks might feel that the Scan Speak is a bit more forwarded or detailed. It's all a matter of taste.
Hey Gold,

I also was considering asking Tyler to make a custom monitor with the Scanspeak ring rev. How does it compare to the revelator (which I have now). Also how much did the custom speakers go for at TA.
After starting this thread many months ago, I had Tyler build a custom 3 way Linwood pair of speakers for me with the Millenium tweeter. I got these speakers in mid-summer and finally have the rest of the system workign with them. I also have a pair of Tyler's Ref. monitors in my den with the Revelation tweeter's.

My conclusion is that they are both great tweeters. I agree with Ty that the Millenium is slighty airer and more life like, the Revelation maybe a bit richer. I like them both and would be happy with either in either pair of speakers I own.
The ring rev. is fast, dynamic, detailed, and airy. If you like the Revelator you will like this tweeter. I would say 15-20% improvement. It might not be worth the cost to some $450 ea as compared to $209. Again, all of the tweeters used by TA sound great. I think I purchased close to 10 different speakers over the last few years from TA so I would say I like what I am hearing.