Military Spec Nuclear Shielded Speaker Cable?

Has anyone tried this? It is currently listed in Audiogon. I saw one positive feedback with listening details, but is there anyone else out there?
sounds like the next big thing
Works fine on subs.
This is not bad cable, it makes decent speaker and inner-connect cable but his price is way too high. This cable shows up all the time on auctions and other places.

The cable is all but gauranteed NOT OFC. It's generic plain jane stranded cable with silver plate. The shielding on there would not stop the EMF of an atomic blast. This guy is a natural born hype specialist.
Silver plate is the us governments way of keeping corrosion resistance down. If OFC was lower cost ---- then they might have gone there. But only audiophools use OFC and silver. It's like wearing gloves over gloves.

Still the cable is sold just way overpriced. Keep in mind this is USED cable as it came out of ordinance.

$2.50 a foot doesn't seem very expensive. I've tried it with silver bananas and it does a pretty nice job.
Real EMF-proof and Rad-hard cables, such as those in the ballistic missiles I worked on, are as flexible as a baseball bat, and just as thick.
Works fine on subs.
Mil Spec is no big deal. The gov`t often demands it even when off the shelf components & material already meets their needs. Why? Because they can. They could often care less how they p*ss away your tax $.
Altho I have no opinion on this cable, I wouldn`t get hot in the pants cause its Mil Spec.
Porziob...You need to bring your understanding of MIL SPEC up to date! Even quite unique military equipment, like the latest model of Fire Control System for testing, preparation and launch of submarine launched ballistic missiles (Trident 2) is assembled largely using commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware. Not only does this reduce cost (which, contrary to what you suggest, has always been an objective) but also assures the latest-greatest performance, and the ability to do a plug-and-play upgrade when better hardware comes along. The ability to use available software development tools is also a BIG cost reducer.
I was jammin just last night when I suddenly realized: If Osama nukes my crib, my speaker cables won't make it!

This Military Spec Nuclear Shielded Speaker Cable will be PURCHASED IMMEDIATELY and placed next to my prized duct tape and plastic sheeting collection.

As a former scout, I know the value of preparation.
As a former scout, I know the value of preparation.
Admit it, Dan, you just want to have your uranium cake and eat it, too.
OK, if any of you out there are interested in some products I'm selling, because you are the first to get a crack at them, you get these incredible deals.

My old toilets - yes, the 4 gallon per flush manly man variety. Maybe not MILSPEC, but are they giving you 4 gpf these days? And, instead of their $18K pricetag for the toilet seat ONLY, take 50% off that price for the entire toilet. 4 available (2 white, 1 bone, 1 Mexican sand)

Assorted hammers - same deal. Will blow 'em out for $10K/each. 6 available (4 hickory, 2 fiberglass - 1 blue, 1 yellow)

Coffee makers - Hey, betcha the MILSPEC stuff doesn't have Joe Dimaggio's signature on them like these puppies! Just think of how much his baseball cards are worth. This is THE sleeper deal of the lot - $25K/each. 3 available (1 white, 1 black, 1 1970's puke green)

Old transistor radios - not MILSPEC either, but, seriously, do you think you're going to be listening to an AM radio after they drop the big one? I don't know, let me put some kind of shield or something around it. Will sacrifice them for $15K a piece. 3 available (2 AM of different makes, 1 AM/FM black - Mura)

Don't all line up at once to thank me,
The description sounds impressive but I don't think shielded speaker cables are necessary unless you have a big RF noise problem or very long speaker cable runs along side unshielded power cables (such as air conditioning power lines).

As for noise protection from a Nuke....this is taking audiophile cable paranoia(the fear of not getting the absolute most out of your system) to a whole new level.
That is hilarious! best laugh I've had in a couple of days..
Sweet. So now my fully lead-shielded custom component covers, and my listening room inside a faraday cage have all the love they need to keep playing when armageddon arrives...

happy listening