Miles Davis - Time After Time

Hello guys,
I just got subject CD (Jazz door 1257 - 2 disc) and really like the music but the recording quality is quite poor. Has anyone heard this album on a good quality recording ? Thx
I have the LP with Time After Time and it sounds quite good.

This cut is found on the Miles Davis album "You're Under Arrest" 1985 Columbia label. The Vinyl is good, any pressing, and I'm sure Sony/Columbia has by now a good digital transfer to CD. Whatever CD you have is evidently a poor master/transfer... it happens.
It is a great album as is Tutu done around the same period. I do think the CD quality of both leaves a lot to be desired. Many of the Miles remasters are quite good (Porgy & Bess and KOB, for example), but these two don't sound as good as they should be.
Thanks for your comments guys, appreciate it. I got in this hobby in 2004 and just now starting to really discover Miles Davis.
Sympaticonorm has now entered an endless search for Miles. It will never end. 'Blue' is being released on Blu-Ray this year and a new level of bliss will be available. The quest goes on. Enjoy the Miles music.
I've stood in front of him while he played Time After Time. :o)

Yeah, the Miles train is endless, and a worthwhile pursuit.
Sounds like I am hooked..

I would expect the quality of that release (Jazz door 1257) to be inferior. I suspect that release is an inferior live copy of one of Miles' later concerts. I have a similar release (Miles Davis - In Montreux) from the same label and while the performance is good, the quality leaves a lot to be desired. To expand on some of the other posts: the studio version of Time After Time that Miles recorded can be found on the You're Under Arrest album. The sound quality of the LP is excellent and I suspect the CD is decent. If you purchase it on CD, look to see if its been remastered. For a live version of Time After Time with excellent sound quality, check out Live Around The World (Warner Bros). In fact, every track on Live Around The World is great.