Miles Davis, the Cuisinart and other Hi-Fi Horrors

A real-time play by play of an album side.

Our family room – where the hi-fi is set up – is one contiguous space with the kitchen. I am, at the moment, listening to a Miles Davis LP. Just for fun I thought I'd list the non-musical interludes that have occurred in the last ten minutes since the needle hit the groove:

1)Said Cuisinart making short work of three different types of vegetables.
2)A reminder that there are some oranges in the fridge
3)Spoon banging on outside of glass bowl.
4)Admonishment of the hound for trying to sneak down the basement steps (photo of hound on "system" page)
5)More spoon banging
6)Fridge door opening and closing and opening and closing and...
7)A query about our supply of Parmesan cheese.
8)Dog lapping watter.

All this within one side of an LP. I hope side two is better.
Horror? You had me at "spoon banging"!
My Wife "gave" me the FROG (ambitiously called a "listening room") over the garage when we moved in (and all I had to do was pick up the mortgage payment)!

Neither car is in the garage and therefore the electric garage door is only used about 5-6 times per month. The motor is attached to a joist under the floor of the listening room.

I usually don't even try to listen until after my Wife goes to bed. But, I'll bet $100 that 80% of the time, or more, she only raises the garage door when I'm listening. Dedicated lines and $10k in power treatment doesn't help when the damn floor is vibrating like a MAGIC FINGERS bed. WTH?!

Given 21 years of marriage, I don't think she's subtly trying to send a message to me to come to bed for entertainment. I'm left to guess that I may not be the only guy whose other family member(s) may be somewhat passive-agressive about the time/money/attention that we lavish on our systems! :)
Greg I can only hope it was "Bitch's Brew"(Not A Fan) an extra wooden spoon in there wouldn't really matter to me.You could request that "whomever, only use the spoon on the beat" but that may raise other problems of course.Happy holidays and remember it's all about family.
Greg, I feel your pain.

I also just learned that there's a completely different set of hi-fi horrors for those with listening rooms. I relocated my listening space to a quieter part of the house and now sit with my back to the door. When my wife came down to say goodnight last week I was listening carefully with my eyes closed. She put her hand on my shoulder and ... yikes! Now I keep one eye open at all times--and glance over my shoulder everytime the house creaks. I may have to put in a motion detector to get some piece of mind!

I hope side 2 was better for you.

This has to be for year end one of the funniest post so far.
Ethos - what you need is a rear view mirror on your listening chair, or a trip wire attached to some bells so you can't be taken by surprise.

Usually my room is pretty good, but last night was a bit much. The other thing I get often is snoring dogs. They have big soft faces and can be VERY loud. If they get going at the same time they're in stereo.
Just be glad you don't own Parrots...
TRY to listen to something you really like without one of them making a "comment" (a.k.a. a loud 'scream') about the music.
I have four children(oldest is 6). I get up at 4:00 am pretty much every day and usually get 2 full albums worth of peace before the hatchet falls. My favorite time of the day. As a bonus, no one is using power in the neighborhood at that time which I feel allows my equipment to sound it's best. The sound from my basement luckily doesn't carry up to the bedrooms. Worth loosing a little sleep.
Ho ho, very funny post! Cool followups!

If anyone wants to send me a subtle message about spending time with the family instead of with music, that message usually comes to me post facto and I have to figure it out. I have learned to make sure no-one else wants to use the room for something else instead. Usually the something else is TV (I hate TV!) but it can be massage (not of me), bottle parties (I get to pick up the glasses), sleepovers (that Eek! moment when I open the living room door), reading ("If you're going to listen to music I'll go and read somewhere else.") and the good old "We haven't had anybody over to visit since I was pregnant."

When I get my turntable back I think I'll propose a vinyl party. That might kill both that last complaint, and actual loud conversation during the visit.
hence the 'Grimace' name?

may be heaven for some...
No, "Grimace" comes from the fat purple guy at McDonalds. But that was back in high-school (20+ years ago).

Side two was much quieter by the way. And it wasn't Bitch's Brew. It was Round About Midnight.
I put oranges on the grocery list. Thanks for the reminder.

How can you complain when you get to enjoy the company of that world class hound?

Well the hound was really the least offensive of the distractions. Sometimes he'll take a big drink of water, walk over and then belch like a 6-year old who just learned how to do it. He's charming, but with the cash I save not having to pay college tuition I can buy more hi-fi stuff.