Miles Davis Prestige Box Set-How God Is It?

Can anyone tell me if the Prestige Box set is worth the money? I have heard for one source it's the Miles set to own. I became interested in the set after hearing the 10" Vol 1 and 3 LP's.
Two of the five titles are now available on the Analogue Prod. 45 RPM releases. Are they better than the same titles from the set?
while the music on these sessions is phenominal, my favorite miles period, I find the recordings are not very good quality. I am waiting for Mosaic to give it a shot one day before buying any other copies of it myself but please keep me aware of what you wind up purchasing and how you like the sound quality.
I had a lot of problems with mis tracking on my set. the point I returned it to Music Direct and bought the DCC gold CD's instead. The block cords on th piano sounded horrible on my LP12 rig. No other LP in my pretty large collection did this. The 45's might be better in this respect......
Note to Bianchi27 - My understanding is that Mosaic will not be issuing anything further on vinyl - just seedees. The Miles Davis *In a Silent Way*, which came out last year, was the final vinyl issue from Mosaic. This is unfortunate, as I think Mosaic generally does (did) a good job on re-issues in the LP format.

Gerardff - As far as the APO Davis Prestige LPs are concerned, I really like this set and find the quality of the pressings quite good. Some were cut pretty *hot*, however (*Cookin'* comes to mind), and I found that proper cartridge alignment was critical in negotiating thru some of the hotter tracks. If you're unsure you want to spring for the whole set, I think a couple of the Davis Prestige LPs are available from APO as singles. Try one - if you like what you hear, buy the whole set and sell the single.

A bit off-subject, perhaps, but most if not all of these sessions are available as XRCDs. They sound terrific. I haven't had a chance to hear the new audiophile LP pressings, but the mid-1980s LP releases (in twofer gatefolds) sound (unsurprisingly) merely ok on my LP12...

Thanks for all the info. I decided to go for the AP Prestige Set since I had been trying for a while to get one and cannot risk another missed opportunity. I will keep my digits crossed. I have a chance for a lower numbered set, so here it goes!!