Miles Davis LIVE in Europe 1967: The Bootleg Serie

Anyone own it? Could you tell me anything about it? One of the best jazz lineups in the history of jazz. How does it sound on CD?
this is the best lineup in history IMO.I DON`T HAVE IT YET BUT THE REVIEWS ON AMAZON ARE GREAT

If you buy music for its "audiophile" quality, you won't like this set. That said, the mono sound is honest, and doesn't interfere with what is one of the most significant musical finds of the last several years. It catches what is arguably the greatest jazz band of the last 50 years at its peak. If ever music transcended audiophile concerns, this set does.
Agree with Birdies - great music but the sonics aren't the best. I think the second and third CDs are better than the first as well (sonically).
Agree with the prior two posts BUT despite the midling mono sound, all of the elements are clearly audible. You won't be straining to hear the bass, or a subtle piano fill. Sometimes records like this can offer a better listening experience because they give us audiophiles the opportunity to ignore our systems and just listen to the great music.
Great music, middling sonics

Audiophiles should AVOID at all costs.
Your ears will bleed and your brain will expode.

All normal folks will enjoy a lot.
It's definitely one of the most important jazz releases of the past decade. The DVD is wonderful also.
The music on these live CD's is a revelation although if you're not already familiar with the studio recordings of this group and the stellar live recordings from the plugged nickel you should start with those....These recordings are an extension, an evolution of one of the greatest ensembles in the history of jazz that will offer more insight when heard in context.
Thanks everyone. No, I'm not the guy that only plays the best recordings. I'm just a listener and enjoyer. I listen to all my music from beginning till end and I don't dwell on the recording itself, but instead on the content.