Miles Davis Kind of Blue...any options on cd?

Just gettting into jazz and this is recommended by pretty much everyone..any great sounding versions available? Don't mind seeking out-of-print versions if they're superior. thanks.
I have a Columbia Master Sound gold disc (CK52861) pressed using Super Bit Mapping. This is the best Kind of Blue I've ever heard. Very dynamic and warm sounding compared to other versions that I've heard. I hope this helps.........
I also have the Columbia/Legacy SBM, but mine is CK 64935. This reissue corrects for proper speed off the master tape. Older versions had some cuts that were apparently recorded a little slow and the pitch was off.


20 bit remaster..or even better...SACD....
The SACD played two channel sounds good. In multi it sounds different and parts of it are "better" but since I have just started multi-channel and have a hodge-podge of speakers etc. So I don't know really how it should image and balance etc. The remastered cd sounds pretty good on its own and reflects I think the original intentions of the players.
The cheapest way is to buy the Remastered Columbia/Legacy Edition available at any major CD selling store. It retails for $11.99 but you can often find it discounted for less than $10. Used CD stores should have it even cheaper. You want the 1997 edition that has the Bonus tracks because Columbia issued at least two editions before. See and see all the comercially available editions without scrounging among the "collectables". All the earlier recommendations are good but more costly and for the fanatical audiophile.
I've heard the remastered Columbia (with corrected speed, and bonus tracks). It's miles (no pun intended!) better than the older Columbia, and the bonus tracks are a nice addition.

If you're into vinyl, I believe that there is a Classic Records LP.
Well, I own every re-issue of the red book CD's discussed here and several others not mentioned including three Japanese import CDs and the Classic vinyl 33 rpm reissues and the 45 rpm version. As for the CDs, there is one that I think is superior to them all by a small but significant amount. It was a Japanese Import DSD remaster and the catalog number was SRCS 9104. Other than that the columbia remaster that is available everywhere is, in my opinion better than every other CD issue except this one.
One other Japanese CD import option for you: SME Records catalogue number SRCS 9701. A very good recording in my opinion. SME stands for Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. This Kind of Blue is part of SME's "Master Sound@ series. The series also includes a great recording of Dave Brubeck's Time Out (catalogue no. SRCS 9631).