Miles Davis--Cellar Door Sessions?

this was pulled by Sony recently because of complaints from the Davis estate. Any idea as to when the dispute might be solved and the box set issued? Has anyone heard it? Thanks
I think it was either postponed, again or simply cancelled. I had it on my wish-list on Amazon, but now it has been marked as no longer available. I wonder what is going on.
Any idea what the complaint(s) was/were? Thanks for the update however. I've been patrolling my local music stores looking for a few weeks now.
I saw it back on Amazon and then back off Amazon. As far as I can tell there is a problem with the caretakers of his estate. I also heard that the product is ready to sell, but not in stores. Maybe next year. They have to do something with it.
I think this box set is back in play.
Acoustic Sound has it coming. Find it here:§ion=music
I saw Miles at the Cellar Door but it was in late 1969 if memory serves (the box set is from late 1970). I sure would like to know who was in that band. Airto is the only one I'm pretty sure of.

The Cellar Door was a great club.
I've already seen this in stores guys.