Miles Davis Box Sets: Mosaic LP -v- Sony CD

It seems everything Miles Davis ever recorded is in the process of being released as a series of box sets. Thus, the question:

Which is better: the LP pressings released by Mosaic Records or the CD box sets that are more readily available?

I am primarily interested in sonics. Mere preference for a big slab of vinyl (though understandable) is irrelevant, though overall packaging could tip the scale one way or the other where sonics are comparable.

Fellow Miles fanatics, what do you say?
My only direct comparo was between the Plugged Nickel LPs and the compilation CD that was issued at the time. The CD sounds good, but with the Mosaic box LPs you are IN the session-- remarkably vivid & alive sounding, even relative to the best Miles SACD I've got (Classic's Cookin'). I've got Mosaic's boxed-set LPs for Plugged Nickel, Studio MDQ '65-'68, and Complete Columbia MD & JC; they're all top notch.

I agree with Dave, however I am basically an LP only guy. I never liked the Miles CD versions, so when Mosaic pressed these sets, I bought all I could afford.

(Mosaic) Miles Davis "Plugged Nickel" (MO10-158).

(Mosaic) "Miles Davis/Bill Evans complete Columbia Sessions" (MO11-168).

(Mosaic) Miles Davis "Complete Studio 1965-June 1968" (MO10-177).

All of these are EXCELLENT. Dead quiet, music is in chronological order with unedited out takes not available elsewhere. The art work, text and photography are stunning and the liner notes explain artist participation and show recording set ups.

Each Mosaic LP box set is limited edition, each hand signed in the front with ink pen (pressing number + run quantity). A single stamper run from the master tape, typically limited to 3500 copies. On each box the number hand written above the 3500 run number is the place in line your set was pressed (935/3500). Low number stampers continue to rise in price as do all Mosaic sets.

If you can find any of these sets at an affordable price, go for it. I consider mine irreplaceable. They are a work of art.
the sony cd's are quite good....not quite up the the mosaic aware bmg/sony will be releasing upgraded versions yet again......the beat goes on.
I agree with the above, that the Mosaic LP is the best sonic versions available, but the Mosaic sets contain so many alternate takes, at least with the cd's it's easier to skip the same alternate versions, but for me the LP is the way to go.
The only Miles CD that has true sonics to me was the re- mastered version of Pangea. I own three or four Mosiac Boxed sets and they truely sound great and the packaging is a splendor and on that note alone should tip the scales toward Mosiac's Vinyl.
how do the Mosaic boxsets compare to early mint lp copies of the same material? have the master tapes shown any major signs of age?