Mil. spec .25 oil cap as good as Jensen oil Caps

Are the old square mil. spec.25 mfd caps as good as the Jensen oil and foil caps ....I have a bunch of the old military caps and would like to try them for coupling caps ....What do you think about that ???
Don't know, but someone at Tweakers Asylum is likely able to provide an answer.
I've had some good experiences recently with Russian surplus caps (K40-y's and K42's), which sound better in amps than the poly caps I was using (Auricaps and Sonicaps). What application did you have in mind for yiour .25s?

The mil-spec caps would be incredibly expensive caps if they were produced today. The fact that they're a bargain shouldn't keep you from trying them and getting good results. As they say, let your ears be your guide. Just be sure that the voltage ratings are sufficient for your application.

Try and see!


I have been working on a transformer vibration in this amp so I haven't tried the mil.spec caps yet....Where I was going to try them was the coupling caps ...I have the .25 oil caps at 400 volts ...The transformer thing has got me for the moment....It's the first time I bought a new Hammond transformer and it vibrates like crazy and Antique Electronics doesn't want to do anything about it.....
I've liked oils with low-level signal
Where I was going to try them was the coupling caps
Well, I suppose you can always try them out -- rather than purchase a whole new bunch of audiophile approved Jensens.
Have you checked them out?
I haven't been able to try them because I had to remove the power transformer and send it to Hammond to get a replacement....I talked to Mark Mercer at Hammond and he told me to send it to them and they would replace it....What a nice guy....He was alot nicer than the boys at Antique Electronic Supply, who offered to do nothing....After selling me six transformers for this 2A3 amp....I'll remember that the next time I need parts...