Mike Porcaro, Toto Bassist Dies from ALS

Very sad! Toto was one of my favorite bands growing up.

R.I.P. Mike...
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That is bad news, what a group they had when Jeff played with them. How old was he? I was just watching some live Toto in Amsterdam the other night on YouTube. They really were a great band of musicians. Some talent the Porcaro family, he will be missed.
News here.

Just got done playing some Toto. Wow, what a band!
OMG NOOOOOOOOOO! So sorry to hear this. I love Toto. They provided music for some of the best memories of my younger days. RIP.
Too sad. Toto's one of the great Rock bands. Interesting to see them kinda/sorta being referred to in the past sense, they're still alive and well! Their new album is due to be released this month!
So sad. Jeff and now Mike. RIP.