Mike Elliot-Alta Vista Audio

as a "Counterpoint" (sorry I couldnt help myself) to last weeks thread on Richard Vandersteen I wanted to relay my dealing with Mike E of AltaVistaAudio, aka Counterpoint. I purchased a broken Sa20 (blown mosfets) amp for repair and sent it over to him and I had the amp back in 7 days. I bought a 2nd Sa20 to monoblock and the transformer failed, got that back repaired in 10days.(shipped during 1/01/02, a , Fedex, UPS holiday)

The amp which was sent in for mosfet repair went down on Saturday taking with it my speaker. Without even knowing whether the failed channel was the same channel that was repaired, Mike volunteered to repair it for free and covered shipping both ways!!! It is quite possible that the channel that went down was the non repaired one, I don't know and he didnt make note of it.

Emails and calls have always been promptly returned and questions answered fully. I must tip my cap to him and let others know there is another side to the audio biz which restores my faith in high end and its future. I think we all need to support those in the industry who still are in it for the love of music.
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Michael was very helpful to me, allowing advertising space to sell a Counterpoint Pre-amp a while back.

Anyone interested in Counterpoint gear should check out Michaels' web-site.

Thanks again Michael!

Brian Weitzel
Record Research Labs
Derrick, i have to agree with you on this one. The few times that i've had to talk to Mike, he's been very responsive. When i've left messages or sent emails, he's called me back in a VERY timely manner. Whether or not you like his products, he is pleasant and timely to deal with. Sean
Mike Elliot is the reference standard for service in this industry. Nuff said!
NO offense to Mike, but Bryston is bar far the easiest to deal with in my experience. Dennis at Bryston USA could probably show just about any other "customer relations" employee how to deal with a situation and keep the customer completely satisfied. I know that others echo similar sentiments. Sean
I agree with Sean about the folks at Bryston. From Chris Russell, the VP, right on down the line they are indeed the benchmark that others should be measured against!