Might I Hear Your Soundlab ESLs?

Not that I could come close to affording them brand new, but sometimes owners sell them for much less than they paid for them. I’d only go for the cheapest model as most of them are much too big for my 14 ft x 19 x8 room.

Air travel’s a big problem for me. But if you’re within ~ 100 miles from Long Island, NY

I could rent a car. And I would gladly pay for your time. Thanks


If you want to drive a bit further to 19803 I can help you out. See my system "Silence of the Lamms". Cheers,
Of all the dumb luck. Our live-in aide who tends to my Dad just left today to visit her Mom in Maryland. I probably could have caught a ride. But it’s still a big trip for me by car. Thanks for the offer.
There's a Sound Lab dealer right on Long Island, in Forest Hills Queens. You don't even need a car. The LIRR goes right to it.
Yes, I've tried calling the Forest Hills sales office. There was only a recording and no answering machine to take messages. And the SoundLab distributor webpage didn't list any email contact address.
I live on LI and have A-1 PX, however my system is not set up currently because of home reno project. Hopefully that will change in next couple of weeks and you'd be welcome to listen if still interested. 

Indeed, what an incredibly rare and auspicious opportunity! Though the best SoundLab model that I could afford would be the M3PX, this session would be my very first and probably best sounding ESL experience ever. Thank you.