Midwoofer+Tweeter vs Wide band

90%++ of  our usic, Especially classical music,, falls in the 500hz-say 2500hz range.
Now I FIJNALLY!!!! Understand all the fuss and issues with a  midwoofer/tweeter thing.
Mid woofers are attempting to do 2 things, carry bass and carry 500hz-say 1500/2khz.
Tweeters, those tiny lil 1/2 inch vc's are trying tp voice 1500/2khz thriugh 10khz/15khz
Now i finally grasp whats going on here. with sens level at no more than 90db, most drivers are actually below 85dbm, regardless what the lab specs states.
Wide bands
These higher quality speakers , voice easily, with no stress and a  perfect meshing on the 60hz-12khz, anda  seamless gorgeous musical image.
Witha  TRUE REAL, Not hyped 92db sens. 
habds down the wide band 8 inch easily performs far superior to Wilson's mega money speaker line.
I have no idea why the american  audiophile will not accept the truth, the reality, of the wide band 8 inch speaker performance over the box Wilson.Vandersteen, Magnepan, Thiel speaker design. 
The chinese audiophile has long ago dumped the low sens multi driver  design for the single 8 inch wide band design. 
There is not even 1 speaker with muti drivers that offer the least interest , now that i have made the wide band discovery.

Its really a no brainer
Yet facts show the american audiophile ain't budging one bit towards the wide band speaker.
I can give 3 reasons why the multi thing has failed
And I can give 3 reasons  to go wide  band as speaker of choice

I can not find even 1 good reason to stay multi speaker.

Although I am using my wide band with Seas W 18's dual, and a  tweeter. 
Still its really a  single wide band speaker, not multi.

Many of you here have even yet to hear a  new wide band. 
Why the resistance?

All woofers have a very low sens in the 20hz-60hz range = worthless.

Your momma.

From now on that's my standard response to blanket statements devoid of facts or experience.

@mozartfan ”I've never heard a wide range driver alone, Chinese or not, that played the frequency extremes in a realistic manner.”

Check out Cube Audio Nenuphar V2 or Jazzon. True single driver loudspeakers  with no crossover. Pretty amazing bass down to ~30hz and very clean, extended, natural highs. They are, however, quite picky about amplifiers…

Check out Cube Audio Nenuphar V2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yes I've heard good things about Cube, WE have a Cube owner here in New Orleans, but am still waiting for a audition at his home. I should rephrase me above comment. A FR does in FACT quite well at both extremes, 50ish hz is all I need w my classical collection, W jazz/blues you may want a sub woofer, but IMHO subs are for HT and are not musical, = its fake bass = add on. Yuckkk Highs, well if you want some ambience on top end a tweeter is HIGHLY recommended = Necessary. Back to Erik's hacking my far out critique on woofers. Look woofers are not flat from say 25hz through 2500 hz. If you do find a Scanspeak woofer that has decent sens at say 25hz , this means the sens at the other end will drop off significantly. Woofers can only be FUNCTIONAL at either end, as a extra low end speaker = below 35hz OR asa midrange that meets a tweeter at 2500 with high sens. A woofer can not be both. facts are woofers suffer at both ends with decent sens. = can't meet the tweeter's low end. Tweeters show break up below 2400 whena orchestra or jazz fusion gets jamming. I just ckecked my tweeters' xover, its not 3k as I thought. Its 1st order w a Mundorf 8.2 cap puts the xover at 2400, a bit lower that I want but do not have cash for a 6 uf which would put my 2 tweeters at a much better 3k hz point. So my dual Tweeters run at 2400, and at the vol I listen 85 SPL, there's no stress at all. I'm thinking of swaping both tweeters fora super duper high end Scanspeaker which claims 94db sens. I really think this Scanspeak tweeter will result in spectacular success. I have no issues w either tweeter's, but if I can make a gain for a few bucks. I'm willing to put the final touch on my design. I stand corrected: a tweeter is NOT a tweeter. There are subtle sonics in tweeters. Enough to seek out the best. Which IMHO is the Scanspeak, the one w the pointed phase plug. at 94db. 8 phms. Nothing from Seas can approach that Scan T. I think Seas older model tweeters pre 1990 were better as in higher sensitivity. Their newest **Flagships** Millennium/Crescendo, are wayyyyy too low sens to be considered high end tweeters. = trash. I'm very happy how my design transformed intoa true musical speaker for all classical genres. Last, and can't resist, woofers serve no purpose in my design. I have found they are near worthless inventions which yet captivated a whole generation of audiophiles. The asian audiophile figures FR offers a superior true musical image with the least stress on amplifier and the listeners ears.

@mozartfan Several of your comments in your last post puzzle me. Obviously you know the sound and the limitations of the speakers you own, but not of those that you have not heard. I feel sure that the extensive innovation during development of the Cube Audio drivers results in a much improved full range performance at the extremes. If your comments were intended only to describe the limitations of your current full range speakers, then fair enough.

Just ordewred the NEW DLVX SE6,, has the new Neo magnets,, and same style whizzer as the VX8,, I have the older VX6 and may/may not run all 3 FR in the system. IMHO this high end FR beats any woofer/tweeter as far as vocals and all mid fq's. I mean it LIVE.. I have come to HATE/DESPISE all woofers/tweeters to the angst of my local tech guru.. THe box speakers are a  gimmick set up by The Official ConsumerCommercial Industry. I hate all box style speakers. 

Thing is DavidLouis has only been around past say,,ohh 6 yrs now.. And his latest models are super high end. far far superior to the older FR champs, the Coral Beta 8's. I do not foresee any improvements over the DLVX8 and DLVXSE6. 

I will try to upload a  YT vid once I figure out if it will be a  2 or 3 FR speaker system.