Midwoofer+Tweeter vs Wide band

90%++ of  our usic, Especially classical music,, falls in the 500hz-say 2500hz range.
Now I FIJNALLY!!!! Understand all the fuss and issues with a  midwoofer/tweeter thing.
Mid woofers are attempting to do 2 things, carry bass and carry 500hz-say 1500/2khz.
Tweeters, those tiny lil 1/2 inch vc's are trying tp voice 1500/2khz thriugh 10khz/15khz
Now i finally grasp whats going on here. with sens level at no more than 90db, most drivers are actually below 85dbm, regardless what the lab specs states.
Wide bands
These higher quality speakers , voice easily, with no stress and a  perfect meshing on the 60hz-12khz, anda  seamless gorgeous musical image.
Witha  TRUE REAL, Not hyped 92db sens. 
habds down the wide band 8 inch easily performs far superior to Wilson's mega money speaker line.
I have no idea why the american  audiophile will not accept the truth, the reality, of the wide band 8 inch speaker performance over the box Wilson.Vandersteen, Magnepan, Thiel speaker design. 
The chinese audiophile has long ago dumped the low sens multi driver  design for the single 8 inch wide band design. 
There is not even 1 speaker with muti drivers that offer the least interest , now that i have made the wide band discovery.

Its really a no brainer
Yet facts show the american audiophile ain't budging one bit towards the wide band speaker.
I can give 3 reasons why the multi thing has failed
And I can give 3 reasons  to go wide  band as speaker of choice

I can not find even 1 good reason to stay multi speaker.

Although I am using my wide band with Seas W 18's dual, and a  tweeter. 
Still its really a  single wide band speaker, not multi.

Many of you here have even yet to hear a  new wide band. 
Why the resistance?

I've never heard a single driver speaker perform as well as a good multi-way speaker.

Having said that the Woofer Assisted Wide Band, a type of two way with very low crossover point, makes a lot more sense to me. One might even argue that the high-tech @Arion speakers are a type of WAWB; speaker.

Thors to me is one of the worst sounding dynamics I have ever owned ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Odd your opinion, Based on my talk with Josh at Madisound, he too feels Excel drivers are extremely neutral, zero coloration/fatgue, Troels has very high opinions of Seas Excel. Tyler used exclusively Excel in his designs. Joseph Audio employs Excel. Thing is with Excel and all seas and MOST Scanspeak drivers, woofers/tweeters is the low sensitivity. I was running the dual W18's as assist mode w the FR, but figured it was not needed. All woofers, have a roll off at 40hz. You claijm to geta SOLID 30hz ((90db??, lucky you get 80 db = worthless). Woofers sens starts at 50db, no matter what Seas/Scanspeaks charts claim. For my exclusive classical music a FR w 92/ for the 6incher and 94db for the 8 incher solved this issue of low sens in the 50hz -100hz range. Tweeters is another matter. I guess for Jazz you might wanta woofer for extra punch in the lows, but I heard no need for a woofer. Both FR cones managed very well in the bass depatment, No, for me woofers are worthless trash, pure snakeoil.
Having said that the Woofer Assisted Wide Band, a type of two way with very low crossover point, makes a lot more sense to me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All woofers have a very low sens in the 20hz-60hz range = worthless. Its alllll about sens, FR w 92+ sens reigh as supreme musical drivers. A woofer is worthless trash next to a higher end FR. In FR I only like wooden cones. The resonances with a wooden cone is near perfect. That said Tang band doesa good job w its composite cone. Woofers paper composite cones I can't stand. carbon is yet worse. FR w good cone material slams any woofer from Seas/Scanspeak. Are you listening Troels?????

All woofers have a very low sens in the 20hz-60hz range = worthless.

Your momma.

From now on that's my standard response to blanket statements devoid of facts or experience.

@mozartfan ”I've never heard a wide range driver alone, Chinese or not, that played the frequency extremes in a realistic manner.”

Check out Cube Audio Nenuphar V2 or Jazzon. True single driver loudspeakers  with no crossover. Pretty amazing bass down to ~30hz and very clean, extended, natural highs. They are, however, quite picky about amplifiers…