mids showdown.

Ok, time for the show down! I got friends telling me this, and friends telling me that. So I thought I would take a vote amongst some " real " audiophiles.

Which NOS 6922-6DJ8-ECC88-E188CC-7308 etc... has the sweetest midrange of all time. IYO My vote goes for the Telefunken. Can someone prove me wrong?
"Sweetness" is a subjective quality, so no, no one can prove you wrong -- but by the same token, you can't prove you're right. It's a matter of opinion...
It depends what your application is. Some circuits require a 6922/E88CC, or even a 7308/E188CC, whereas others can accept a 6DJ8/ECC88. After that the fun starts.
That being said which Telefunken are you referring to, and in what circuit? Preamp, CD or amp?
Don't think you can get a better answer than Plato's.
I wasn't looking for philosophical answers :) I was looking to have some friendly input from people who enjoy sharing their stereo equipment likes and dislikes.

But if no one want's to come out play, that's fine too.

Is sweetness a subjective quality, that no one can prove right or wrong? I can prove too you that honey is sweeter than cream of tarter. Just stick out your tongue :)