Midifying a UK 240Vac/50Hz Thorens TD160 BC MkII to US 115Vac/60hz usage?

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen,

My residence has been in the USA for some time now, and although currently using a Rega RP40 as my turntable source, I have a vintage Thorens TD160 back at my sisters, in England.

I had given it to my mum (aged in her 60s at that time, but she still used it daily for many years), when I moved Countries.

On her passing a few years back, I was fortunate that my sister was willing to store it under a bed at her house.

It’s time to either sell her (the turntable that is, and not my sister!) or see if it’s possible to convert the hardware to accomadate the difference of US input voltage and just as importance the motor frequence (don’t want my albums to sound like it’s the Chipmonks singing on all of them!). I cannot remember if the motor will work on 115Vac.

Does anyone on this excellent site, have any experience or places I can purchase what might be needed (motor/pully?) for me to bring the turntable back with me, to use along with the Rega?

Any help or advice would be gratefully recieved.

Cheers, Shane


I have no experience with this turntable.  It might have a transformer that has 120 volt capability.  You'd have to be lucky.  Others can answer this.

I have used EU amplifiers.  You should have no problem running your tt on US 240, you would have to put a circuit in but this might be an excuse to run dedicated power to your AV system. that is what I did.

The other option is a step up transformer.  Not terribly epensive but it may be hard to find one that doesn't have an annoying humm.

I use a PS Audio PP10 and it would be nice if they made one that does 120 and 240.  I contacted them about it and they thought I was crazy.  So that's not going to happen.

People are starting to use battery systems with inverters.  You might find one that does both voltages.  I haven't looked into this.

Good luck,



Buy a good step-up transformer. The 50/60hz has no effect. Your TD160 will play and sound fine! I have one made for the US market. Mine has an SME Series Four (rare arm!) on it!

Carlsbad and Jasonbourne52,

Thanks for your input.

I can't disagree with the potential need for a step up transformer as an option.  My concern though, ia that with it being an AC motor, even if it's running on the correct voltage, the motor will surely spin faster at 60Hz that at 50Hz....20% faster.  Jasonbourne52, your 160 is a Us spec, so it would surely have a motor designed for that frequesncy.

I'll obviously share if I am fortunate to find more, in my investigation.......infant at this time.

Do appreciate you both responding.

Cheers, Shane

Not knowing the turntable: The motor is most likely a synchronous motor made to run at 50 or 60 Hz., 220 Volts. You will either need to replace it with a 120 Volt or use a stepup transformer. If it is a belt drive, the motor pulley needs to be replaced with a smaller one.




Thanks for your input.  Sorry for the delay.....took me weeks to even get the Christmas decorations down......lost touch with stuff!!!

I plan to visit England soon, and will suely bring the turntable bacl with me.  Then I will put time and effort onto finding solution to using it.  I already have a working TT, so this is for fun.

Again, thanks for commenting.  Appreciate it.