Midfi Sleeper Suggestions...2nd systems, etc....

For years I thought Infinity was the go to for above average(and sometimes beyond) affordable, well-designed mainstream products...over the years I have owned Interludes, Alphas, etc...as well as offerings by Athena,Polk,Paradigm, etc...however my recent acquisition of some Boston Acoustics VR series from roughly a decade ago have really caught my attention...any other forgotten gems from this era that push well beyond their weight class?...Primarly interested in easy to obtain, mainstream suggestions...familiar with ADS, Spica, Dahlquist, etc...
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PSB Century 300i bookshelf spks. are exc. Vifa D19 tweeter. Beautiful tonality. Engaging spk. Always wanted to try out B&W DM 305 floorstanders b/c of their paper woofer and soft dome tweeter. Mission also had some wonderful older offerings. The 761i was a very, very good bookshelf spk. Two 5" drivers in an MTM design. Once home demoed the BA VR 950 and did not work out for me. BUT, if you could pick up a pr. cheap. Another sleeper, Paradigm Phantom V4's floorstanders. Exc. bass and the metal tweeter is not at all metallic or harsh sounding. So many....Castle's original Avon's. Never heard such strong/deep bass from a woofer that size. Vandersteen 1B's.
Don't forget the Klipch Heritage line. A pair of Cornwalls or La Scalas are the kind of speakers that can compare (and beat) many of today's high $$$ offerings.

I have a set of Fried a?3 in my office system. I think they sound great and were a real bargain used.
before everyone chimes in on this spkr or that spkr, how bout sharing with us what the system consists of, the size of the room, how loud you listen and what kind of music you'll be listening to and your budget. That way you can get better suggestions...just my $.02

I would offer different speaker suggestions based on your answers to the above.
Picked up some Pinnacle Gold towers...nice bass driven speaker...
Thanks Lou. You can see my semi-vintage office system by clicking on the system link. I listen at fairly low volume in the office most of the time.
Keep it simple...sound dynamics Rts 3...fits most rooms
I would have to agree with Shakeydeal on this one. For the price of entry on the used market, Klipsch Heritage speakers are tough to beat.

I currently have an updated pair of Klipsch Heresys powered by an Integra DTM-40.4($550.00 msrp) network stereo receiver. The suprising thing here is not the Heresys but the Integra. For one, it is network capable both wired and wireless and the sound quality is phenominal. I have never heard such an inexpensive piece provide such a wide and deep soundstage with fantastic imaging and low end punch. truly 3-dimensional. I am totally blown away by the performance of this Integra and Klipsch combo.

I replaced probably one of my favorite pieces, a Luxman R-117 receiver, with this Integra and it truly has not taken a backseat to the Luxman at all. Less headroom(80w/ch vs 160w/ch) Integra vs Luxman but not really noticeable in dynamics.

The Onkyo version(TX-8050) is the same receiver minus zone 2 subwoofer preout and replaceable power cord, but it can be purchased for $169.00 at Accessories4less.com.

Polk LS series
I'll tell you a real sleeper--the Aperion 633T or its followup, the Aperion Intimus 6T. Either of these is a 6-1/2" 2-1/2 way with two 6.5" drivers and a 1" textile dome tweeter. Cabinet is 9"w x39"h x 18" d, made of 1" thick HDF throughout. Speakers weigh about 85 lbs each! And yet, Tone Publications rated the 633T as the $1K speaker to beat in 2006.

I heard a pair when I was demo-ing an amp and the speakers' sound still haunts me. Still wish I'd picked them up at the time. They are impeccably finished in real natural cherry veneer. Bass goes well down into the 30s.

Best of all, used ones--if you can find them--can be had for under $400. They're about 89-91 dB sensitive, so are fairly easy on amps.

Another series I like a lot is the Mirage M_si series from the mid-'90s. I still use a pair of M5si's from 1996 daily. They practically give it all--bass down into the high 20s, transparent, lifelike midrange, smooth natural tweeter, and room-filling bipolar dispersion pattern. Not the most sensitive, but used ones go for $500 or so, which is ridiculous for the great sound they give up for that money.
Any other models from this era...dipoles, etc...that create a sense of depth?...Mirage, Dahlquist, etc? Vandersteen 1b?
Johnny....u seem to be the Mirage expert on here...how about the OM 9?...or the small M series floorstander?
Im about to pull the trigger on some M 790s...any thoughts?