Middle Atlantic to repair Exactpower EP-15A's

I have received the following infomation from Middle Adlantic Products Inc. for obtaining Exactpower EP-15A repairs:

1.) The customer needs to call them at 800-266-7225 and request a RA for “Exact Power EP repair”. (I was not provided with an email contact but I'll see if I can get one.)
2.) They will issue a RA number which must be on the outside of the box.
3.) The customer must send it prepaid and of course packed very well. Any info on what the problem is, and how it came to be, will be helpful and should be included.
4.) The customer also needs to provide their contact info be included so MAP can call or email once the analysis is done, to discuss the repair options and costs.

Repairs will be quoted on a parts and labor basis. This is not going to be a profit center for them, so the rates will be reasonable; they are commited to fully support customers who purchased these units.

Unfortunately, some of the very early models had design flaws which are not repairable. Regardless, if it is just a display problem on an older unit (a common defect) they likely will be able to fix it.
Excellent news. I have been very satisfied by the performance of this power conditioner.

I had one of the first batch of EP-15 sold and it failed in December 2007. I was able to have it replaced for around cost with the newer model. They never told me what had gone bad on my original. I kept getting an over current error message if I remember correctly. What was the design flaw that you mention?
Hi Dave,

The early units were susceptible to damage from inrush current (overcurrent) since they were not protected by thermistors or other current limiting devices. Whether or not they actually suffered damage was due to a combination of factors; such as the total active load plugged into the unit at turn-on combined with the actual wall voltage supplied by the local utility (above 124 VAC could be a problem.)

Further, if you have one of these early EP units, DO NOT plug an SP-15A (balanced power unit) into it, even though the literature implies that it's not only OK, but desirable to do so. You will fry the main board of the EP. In fact I'd go further and advise owners not to do this regardless of their EP's vintage ;-)
In addition to the 800 number, a RA can also be requested using either of the following email addresses: