Mid West Record Shows?

I'm from Detroit and regularly attend a local record show in Roseville, MI. At the show, I've picked up a couple of flyers for other shows in Canada and in Ann Arbor, MI. However, There must be some other shows in The Toledo Area and even as far away as Chicago. I'm willing to travel up to 4 hours to a good show in search of good vinyl. Any vendors out there able to direct me??
Pick up a copy of Goldmine Magazine, available at many record stores. The back section is where you will find the notifications for record shows around the Nation.
There's a pretty good show in Columbus, OH see this link http://www.columbusproductions.com/colsprodwww/collecto.htm . Next show is this Saturday (20 Sep). I will say that this show used to be quite large, but over the past few years it has shrunk to half it's former size. It is much better than the Roseville show which specializes in 50's & 60's rock. There have been sporadic shows in Toledo, though I have not been to them. I believe Bebop Records out of Toledo sponsored them, but I couldn't find anything on the web for them or the show. I get periodic e-mails from Bebop but I don't have access to them right now. I'll pass on a web site if I can find it.
Here's info on Chicago. Click the dates link for more.

Here's another link that has shows listed from all over the world (there are other sites if you do an online search).