mid-rang pre amp

Hello, I am alittle new to the home theater would and just started to get in to separates. I have seen all the emotive. Outlaw and marantz. Is there other places I am missing I have at least 2,000 to spend. I would love it to just have the fun stuff like THX, Dolly and etc. I am not a big fan of all the fluff like streaming, blue tooth, and etc. Also don't mind going used but when I was looking on here the per amps I was looking at the user didn't have any feedback so I was hesitated. There was some nice ones. I was even looking at a lumagen video processor with a decent sound processor would this be a good idea? Honestly, I most likely will buy a marantz but I was wondering if their is anything else out there. I wish I could get a ADA rapture for 2,000. But I guess i will see that in my dreams tonight.
Marantz makes a nice piece and you'll probably love it. But you could buy the Emo UMC-200 now for $499 and get 25% off their XMC-1 when it is (supposed to be) released in Feb. 2014. This makes the UMC-200 essentially free. You could sell it or use it in a 2nd system....

Yea I guess I could. But I don't know if I want to take the chance of getting a lemon. Also I do have a amp its the emo xpa-5.
Marantz separates are the way to go IMO. I've had an excellent experience with them. Good luck and cheers!!
also i forgot to mention this I also would like a pre amp to have the ability to pass through 3D.
I'm looking at the umc200 manual right now. It will pass through 3D. It's a great choice. However, put aside and extra $100 to buy a Harmony remote (the emo remote is lame).
Streaming and Bluetooth will be added when you buy the Oppo next...
So, that's about $600 spent. You have $1400 to spend on a killer amp.
Ok, if i were to buy the umc200 would it be a good idea to install a video processor with it or that doesnt really matter. by the way I do have a amp its the emo xpa-5.
You don't tell us what sources you want to use with a preamp, but there is a strong contingent that favors an Oppo 105 that can play a wide variety of discs, provide excellent audio/video processing through its rear HDMI connection, process computer audio through its asynchronous USB port, and provide most of the functions of a processor including speaker management and volume control. It does not accept analog input, but I'd guess it's unlikely one of your sources is a phono stage. The output from the Oppo would go directly to your amps and sub. It's a cost effective way to get high-quality stereo and multichannel sound with great video.

I do have a phono stage, so I use my 105 in bypass mode with an analog stereo preamp.

Just really a Xbox, ps3 and a blu ray and of course cable. The oppo looks like a great product though. Thanks you give me more stuff to think about which way to go.
Be aware about the UMC-200 and the upgrade card, the XMC's price has gone up twice and it hasn't even been released yet. Currently they are projecting it will come in at $2000 minus the discount with the upgrade card, just FYI.

For the Oppo 105, since you have 4 sources and it only has 2 inputs, it wouldn't work so well without a work-around like an HDMI switcher, and you might as well buy something that meets your needs without adding complications.

For the 2000 price range, Marantz really is the best option for a pre amp processor. They do seem to have a bit of a price premium, however. One other option would be an AVR used as a pre amp only. The Denon AVR X4000 is very flexible and has the TOTL Audyssey room correction for 1400, but I've heard of people getting solid discounts on it.
PS: The way technology is advancing in the home theater world, it's almost counterintuitive to spend large dollars on a pre amp processor when it'll be out of date within a couple of years, unless you are sure you won't get enticed by the newer technology coming down the pike.
Runnin's first post re input restriction seems misguided. The 105 has two digital audio inputs, an HDMI input in the rear for cable and it would make Sleepie's Blu-Ray player redundant. I've never seen an X-Box, so i don't know if its output is digital audio or USB, but in either case it could be accommodated. Runnin's second post is an argument for the 105.
Yea, I believe its digital. Thank you all for the reply Just letting you all know that I went with the marantz av7791. I can't wait to hook it all up to start watching movies!!
Not sure how the xbox and ps3 and cable box could all be accommodated since they obviously all output video as well as audio, but the Marantz AV 7701 seems like a good middle-of-the-road choice if one is set on a dedicated processor.

Perhaps Dbphd could explain this as it would be helpful to other readers?
I assumed the cable box has HDMI output that would go to the rear HDMI input of the Oppo 105. The other two units would use standard digital AV connections.

In our setup HDMI output from a DirecTV HD-DVR goes to the 105, and uses the Oppo's superior video processing and DACs. Stereo from the Oppo goes to a Parasound Halo JC-2 analog preamp set to unity gain to match surround channels that go directly to Proceed HPA amps and to a Velodyne SMS-1 that provides LF ARC for a pair of HGS-15s. Video from the Oppo goes directly to a Sony projector. I need the analog preamp because a Parasound Halo JC-3 phono stage and Sony 5400ES share it with the Oppo. A Logitech Harmony One controls the entire setup.

For full disclosure, the turntable is a Thorens TD 124 with SME 3009 Series III arm and Ortofon SME 30H cartridge; speakers are KEF Reference 107/2 mains and 102 surrounds.