Mid-priced solid state options

Any thoughts how an Aragon 8008 mk 2 and a Parasound A21 compare.  Preamp is a ARC LS17se.

Thank you.  
What speakers?  Usually more important to match amp to speakers than amp to preamp.
My mistake.  Good point.  I have SF Venere 3.0.  I will upgrade to a larger SF Model in the next few months.

Thank you. 

I would go with the Parasound Halo A21. As it’s circuit is designed by John Curl up there with Nelson Pass god status. And will drive just about any speaker load.

And these SF Venere 3.0’s while an excellent speaker, have a bit of a nasty load at the power hungry 130hz region, which consists of a negative phase angle and impedance (EPDR) combined load of 2.1ohms!!!!!!, which means you need current, not so much wattage to drive this load correctly. And the A21 should be able do this without raising a sweat.

Cheers George

You can read all about the SF3.0's in this PDF download in the Lab Test section.


Cheers George

Thanks George for the feedback and additional detail of the 3.0.  The Aragon has a huge power supply.  Bigger than the A21 and is stable into a 2 ohm load.  The design is a bit older than the Parasound though.      
the Aragon 8008 was reborn in 2013. Did the original 8008 have a mkll version?
I have the MK.2 version which is the same as the 8008BB just with a better look.  This is the version that  Klipsch had for a short time before selling to Indy Audio Labs.  I bought mine new in 2004 and have not used it that much.  Exact same as the original BB.     
I think you really need to listen to both in your system as they should be pretty close.  Or add the new Benchmark amp to the mix...

BTW, how do you like the horizontal display on your LS17?
If you're really upgrading your speakers in the near future I'd wait until you have them before buying a new amp.