Mid Morning Listening Sessions - Sounds the Best

Sometimes when I get a chance to listen to music in the Mid Morning time frame, everything sounds just right,
I’m not thinking about the next piece to upgrade to, just toe tapping and enjoying the music.

I’m not sure why this is true (for me) - Are my ears hearing better in the morning ?
Is the power (to the house) cleaner in the morning?

Whatever it is, I’ve noticed this happen on more than one occasion.

Does the time of day influence your music enjoyment?
I suspect a night night session with a few adult beverages might be optimal for most.

Anyway just a random thought for today,
There's no doubt about it, the best sound is late at night when the system has been on and running for hours. Depending on exactly what you are talking about I may be the wrong person to ask, however. Because it doesn't matter what day or time it is, if it sounds good I will hear it and remember it and it will be etched on my mind for all time. If I never hear that quality again for months or years, it does not matter, whatever it was its indelible. Some people have eidetic imagery. I have whatever is the word for that with sound.  

Its nothing to do with alcohol, or green bud, or mood. When it comes to sound I am of the Gurney Halleck school of thought: "What has mood to do with it? You fight when the necessity arises- no matter the mood!" 

Which may sound odd coming from a guy who is on record saying his highest goal is a system that delivers emotional catharsis. But that only highlights the depth and breadth of the project. It takes a lot of technical mastery and detachment to get to where you are touched and swept away.
I am rarely thrilled with "sound" early after waking up,
even at low volume.

It is as if being horizontal for hours has made it harder
to listen critically and be happy with the result.

Scientific explanation?

Anyone else experience this?

There are less external noises mid-morning and at night where I live, so those are the best times for me. I have a tube preamp and a hybrid power amp so I can't leave them on all day. 
Interesting observation. I schedule all my most critical meetings and appointments for 10-10.30 because I feel the most alert and on my game after good rest, breakfast and a cup of coffee. Thank you for a great excuse to bail out of work next week and test this hypothesis. My system stays on 24/7 because I can take my pre out of tube mode. Makes sense to me. 
I like listening at any hour, but there's just something really enjoyable about listening in the morning hours to jazz or vocal ballads while enjoying a fine cup of African or Guatemalan home-roasted coffee.  

I'm finding the same, I'm going to do some noise measurements, see if my complex just has a lot of noise later in the day.