Mid life crisis yields open check from the wife.

Well not exactly, but have I've been granted permission to invest $10K into anything I want. So, my choice is to upgrade my McIntosh MA6500 integrated amp and Monitor Audio GR20 speakers.
So, the only criteria is another integrated amp( I'm leaning towards tubes with phono stage) and possibly monitor size speakers. Used.
I would appreciate any advice or suggestions you could come up with. Thanks in advance.
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I have Monitor Audio PL200 (had Silver 5i, RX6, and GX200) and find them to be a fantastic product. That said, I have also been recently impressed with the Focal Aria floor standers.

If the Mac has a pre out, you could keep it (use as a pre, of course) and buy a used Pass X250 or X150.5 and have a KILLER set-up, under-budget.
How about a devialet integrated amp? There's a bunch of them on here right now at very good prices and pretty much considered world class by many.
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