Mid-Fi ICs - BJC vs. Audioquest Sidewinder

I will be using a laptop USB out to a Peachtree Decco as a pre-amp, combined with a McCormack DNA 0.5 deluxe for power, running to a pair of NHT 2.5i speakers. I do not plan on spending much more money, but I still have to buy cables. I was thinking of just getting some blue jeans cable speaker wire (belden 5000), but I'm not sure what to do for ICs. I was thinking of getting either BJC ICs as well for about $30, or getting some AQ Sidewinders for $60 shipped.

What would you guys suggest, considering my setup? I'm just now sure how good or bad BJC ICs are supposed to be, though I've heard most of their stuff is relatively solid for the price. Same with the sidewinders. Any other suggestions are of course welcome as well. Thanks!
When upgrading my ic's recently (more expensive than you are looking for) I ran across a pair of used Transparent "the link" ic's ($40/shipped).
I have to say they sound pretty good for the money.
There is alot of good ic's for your price range if you want to buy used.
Plus you won't have to break them in.
If I was going to spend $60/pr. I would buy used and skip the sidewinders, can't really speak for the bjc's.

To name a few:
Transparent the link.
Nordost black knight (pr. here on audiogon used)
kimber pbj
Zu cable gede on fleabay (new in your $ range).
Apogee Wyde eye (1/2m cheap after that they get expensive, can be used as both ic's and excellent digital cable also).
Wireworld oasis

Just look here on Agon for some used ic's, same for speaker cables, I have seen Audioquest Slates, Indigo blue, anticables, Mapleshades, ect selling for cheap on here.
Probably get alot more performance for the money used.

I would prefer the above to any you have mentioned.
Nice system by the way, I (insert heart here) NHT!
I use BJC ICs in my HT set-up from my Pre/Pro to my amp and everything sounds great. The Taversoe Crimp RCA Plugs that they are terminated with are sturdy and nice and easy to handle. You definitely know they are secure. I like their quality better than Monoprice or Monster.

My favorite of the "Mid-Fi" ICs would have to be the Outlaw Audio PCA ICs. They are locking and the build quality is VERY nice as well.

Here is their description from the Outlaw website.

"Since we know you're going to ask how the PCAs stack up to silver cables, we'll save you the time! When looking at silver conductor products it is important to distinguish between those using silver coated copper and those with solid silver conductors. Many products that are advertised as "silver" are simply silver coated, rather than full silver, meaning that the low frequency signals that tend to flow through the center of a conductor travel through copper, rather than silver. We are confident that the transparency and quality of our UP-OCC products will out-perform most copper and silver-coated products, and that they will provide a high performance, value priced alternative to solid silver. At some point we may offer our own solid silver products, and will use the OCC process for that, as well."
"low frequency signals that tend to flow through the center of a conductor travel through copper, rather than silver."

Low frequency signals do not "tend" to travel thru the center of the wire. They travel equally on the inside and outside.