Mid 1960's equipment - Scott, Garrard,

I have a Scott 342-B solid state FM stereo tuner/amp dated 1967 originally purchased at $270 - quite a bit back then. Also have a Garrard 60-MKII auto turntable with Empire MM cartridge 888-PE dated 1965. Can anyone provide any knowledge, worth, or worthiness of these components ? -- store them, use them, or get rid of them ? Oh, condition is 8-9 of 10. Thanx.
My best advice on these is to use them and enjoy them for what they are. Scott equipment today not bringing much on used market,same for the Garrard.These were basic mid-fi products of that era.
I agree with Ferrari. Being early solid state designs, amplifiers of that era were sonically compromised and often not reliable. The tuner might be a better keeper. The Garrard was not a quiet machine. Many turntables from the late '70s and beyond were much better and are often available at very low prices. The are some collectors who are interested in early Garrards and if you hold onto yours it MIGHT be of some value to one of them, eventually.
I agree that you shouldn't be disappointed about these pieces not being worth "X" amount of dollars. If YOU enjoy them, they are priceless to you. That being said, if you go to ebay, and check out there vintage audio section, you can get a good idea of what the market if fetching. Most of the mid 60's stuff I see can go for anywhere from $10 - $300. And cult favorites(Marantz 7/8/9/10, McIntosh, Leak, etc.) can get MUCH more.
Thank-you all for your responses, I appretiate your advice. Again, thanx - snowdog.