Microzotl 2.0 as preamp question

I have Mac mini (through dragonfly red) and bluesound node 2 going to small tube preamp to red dragon s500 to revel performa3 f208. I am reading all these tremendous things about the microzotl 2.0 as preamp. I really like the red dragon so I want no changes there but I would be interested in using microzotl 2.0 as preamp. How have people handled the issue discussed on the linear tube audio site about turning on the microzotl before the amp and turning off the amp before the microzotl. Have you encountered the thump they describe? Is there any device that exists that one can use to remotely trigger the 12v on the amp exclusive of the preamp trigger out...or do you just get up and manually turn the amp on and off?

I maybe can answer your question,I have the newest model the MZ2S,which I have used with several amps either SS or tubes and including a S500 and I have never experienced any thumps.
I usually turn my system on early morning and it stays on all day and gets turned of before bedtime.Sometimes forget and it stays on all night no big deal.I have always been in the habit of turning the preamp of any kind on first then the amp on,and turning the amp off first then the preamp off.

I have found the MZ2S to be really good sounding and better than a couple of tubed preamps that I own,mine does have remote volume control and 3 inputs but does not have input selection via remote and really that is the only shortcoming it has for me.

I also use it as a 1 watt Intergrated powering Tekton Double Impact speakers with great results.

I just manually turn my system on and off and don't want the complexity of any kind of trigger set up.

Best of luck to you,

I have a similar setup as Kenny with the DI’s and MZ2. I also suffer from no thump noise. I do have a PS Audio P10 so I can program a delay on some outlets so that everything doesn’t turn on at the same time. I believe Music Direct has P3’s on sale now. It also can’t hurt to have good clean power.

Also, the LTA MZ2-S is the best preamp I've ever heard.

Good practice would be to always turn the amp on last and off first. 
lancebook, out of curiosity, have you by any chance compared the LTA preamp with any of the older CJ preamps?
Kalali, I have never owned or spent any time with a CJ.