Microsoft and HDCD ??

Anyone know what Microsoft has done with HDCD? Is it used in any way?
Windows Media Player 9, 10 or 11 running on Windows XP and Windows Media Player 11 running on Windows Vista are all capable of decoding and playing HDCDs on personal computers with a 24-bit sound card installed.
This is the best HDCD database (make sure to click on the 'English' button!)
along with Keith Johnson's Reference Recordings
I don't know if MS continues to license HDCD for new recordings, but I assume they do. Keith Johnson would know since he currently uses HDCD (which he invented.)
Nsgarch, Thanks. I'm aware of both & just bought a few(10+) more Reference Recordings as they had a 25% off sale in September-a great deal for such excellent music. However I noticed you used Wadia w/o HDCD so wondered about your interest in HDCD?
Sugerbrie, does that mean I can install a soundcard(I have no idea what came installed) in my laptop-(an IBM A31p from ~2001, and was good when bought)- and listen to HDCD recordings directly off the laptop to my stereo?
Basically, Windows Media Player 9 and higher can decode the HDCD information on all computers.

But, to really get the HDCD quality sound output you need at least a 24bit sound card.
Psacanli -- how insightful! OK, here's the deal: I do use Wadia equipment, which does not decode HDCD's per se, however, because Wadia uses proprietary software to do D/A conversion (rather than an IC chip) their DAC's don't throw away (filter out) the HDCD information (bits). So although there's no 'HDCD' graphic when playing an HDCD, the HDCD sonic benefits still come through in all their glory!