Micropure Kotaro CZ302ES Freq70Hz to100KHz -10db

According to the Japanese manufacturer's website: KOTARO CZ302ESthe frequency response of the monitor is rate at 70Hz to 100KHz(-10db) does it mean that when rated to the normal +-3db its frequency response will not be from 70Hz to 100Khz? Are the specs rather optimistic?
According to the American Distributor's website:it is rated 70Hz to 105KHz Can anyone help to clarify the matter or is it a typo?
Thank in advance

I have the Kotaros (see system link) and, living in Hong Kong, bought direct from Micropure and, thus, have only seen the specs from the Micropure.

Don't have any measuring equipment that can testify to their claim on the high end however given Murata's reputation (whom provide the super tweeter in the Kotaro), I have no reason to disbelieve it. That said, on the low end, while 70 Hz sounds about right, I've got my REL set to pick up the lower octaves up 80Hz as crossing over at 70 seemed a bit anemic to me.

Of the six pairs of speakers I have in various systems, this is probably my favourite speaker. As stated above, they have no low end to speak even the bass reinforcement of being close to walls. Aside from that, everything else above, especially the (very sweet) highs, are an absolute delight. Feel free to PM me if you'd like further info.

Thanks for the info Garry! I am not doubting the high end of the speaker(I believe that 25-30Khz will be good enough). I was hopping that the low end could reach 55-60Hz with room reinforcement; so that I do not need a sub for my little listening room. I guessed that you have answered my querry.

By the way, nice systems. Looking at the photo of 'Mr.Yamamoto' I guess that you live in the mid-levels in Hong Kong Island(The dehumidifyer and the trees outside the windows) and your office is in Kowloon? Great photos by the way. I used to live in HKG for some years. Thanks again.
Best regards

You're welcome. To be clear, IMO, you'll likely not get enough reinforcement and, to get lower, a sub is a must.

Right on both counts and thanks for the kind words. Yes, I live on the Lower Peak area (May Road) right next to Peak Tram and my HK office (I've got one in Shenzhen as well) is in the Star House in TST. Let me know if you need more info.


PS - you'd make a good detective!