Micropure Kotaro

Anyone heard this speaker?

Micropure Kotaro

Seems a bit pricey at $3,100.00 for a single 4" driver.
Sounds amazing. It uses a Murata super tweeter and a solid wood cabinet of tiger maple and mahogany. Tiny but a big articulate musical sound. Sounds better as the volume goes up. I'm using them in a small 2 channel home theatre.
Well, the sound is anything but small. You pay for an acoustical instrument made of very expensive solid wood and a tuning that is way above the the endless conga line of bland, boring and bright-sounding speakers currently marching into audio shops. Regardless of speaker element size.

If element size is your prime concern, please look elswhere.

If you like high end but not king size, Micropure KOTARO is the only way to go.

The speaker stands needs to be taken extra care of so that they are both stable and resonance free. The speakers will not perfom optimal if dampended on the bottom part. Cabling is also sensitive and stay away from cheapo solutions.

The sensitivity is a bit low but the load do not seem to be a problem even for my Almarro A205MkII. Rather suprisingly. That was tested in a small room of 40 square meters.

Use an amazing Pass Labs X150.5 and you will never look back.

Try to listen to it and check for yourself!

Just arrived today - ditto to Ingvar's comments.

Right now I am starting them off with in my work office with dual Pathos amps (in bridged mode) with a REL handling above 75Hz. Out of the box, the sound is very, very nice indeed. It seems like the sound has changed a bit over the first few hours with the drivers seeming to be a little bit faster - surely this will continue to change after a few more hours or so.

Just now listening to Josh Grodin's "You are loved", I am blown away by how these tiny speakers can image and easily handle complicated passages. The soundstage is simply massive. Strings, pianos, acoustics guitar are rendered beautifully and sound true to life. Hard to believe all that sound comes out of a 4" driver and a Murata super tweeter!?!? Very natural sounding and super easy to listen to. Highs are extended and sweet but not at all rolled off.

One thing is for certain though, if you intend to listen to music that contains any significant information in the lower octaves, a subwoofer is a must.

Size for me was an issue - but in a good way, as these are intended for my home office where I've been wanting to go with a smaller speaker but have been waiting for just the right one. Getting hooked on the single driver sound of my Zu Tones, these seemed to fit the bill perfectly. An added bonus is that they match the decor of that room perfectly.

In keeping with Ingvar's amp comments, my gut feeling is that the Kotaros will do well with any one of the Almarro amps. At this point am leaning heavily towards the Almarro 318B or perhaps a Melody I2A3. Good thing is that the both are carried by the same dealer and the Kotaros are so small I can take them there to audition.

In summary . . . Micropure = Macrosound.

Hope this helps.

Need smaller speakers as have downsized room.Would my art audio diavlo have enough to drive these speakers.They sound ideal

Assuming the room is on the smaller side, my guess is that you would be fine. I've heard of the Diavolo driving similar efficiency speakers with no problems. As Ingvar stated, the Almarro 205 MkII, with a mighty 5 watts / channel, kept up just fine.

Right now, the Kotaros are in my home office connected to the Primaluna Prologue 2 @ 40 watts /channel. With the volume at between 8 and 9 o'clock, things are plenty loud. The Kotaros really love tubes and the PP2 sounds wonderful.

That said, with the PP2 heading into my new work office, the plan was to go with an Almarro 318B - a fine amp indeed. However, things changed when, after talking with a few people familiar with the Kotaro, it was suggested that I consider going with one of the Triode Corp amps. After a little bit of reasearch and talking with the head of Triode himself, he assured me that pairing their 300B monoblock, a parallel SET running 20 watt / channel, would be more than sufficient to drive the Kotaro and that they sound wonderful together as well.

Afer about 40 hours of play, these little guys have really opened up and sound magical and, in my opinion, are worth every penny.

BTW, you are one lucky guy - the Diavolo is absolutely stunning!