MicroMega Transport Help

I have a Micromega Duo Transport which can still knock spots off most of the
modern competition in the sub £5000 category, when it is playing properly.
Unfortunately I have a recurrent problem in its inability on occasions (about
50% of the time in fact) to read a disc. When I put a disc on the machine,
quite often as it tries to read the disc there is a high pitched noise, the
laser moves right across to the end stop, 99 appears in the display and the disc
comes to a halt, and will not play. If I persevere 4 or 5 times it will
eventually read the disc and play as normal, but as you can imagine this can be

I have heard rumours that micromega used the wrong type of lubricant on some of
their transports which dried out causing problems. Apparently, all you have to
do is clean off all the dried up lube and relubricate with something suitable.

Is this really the case, and if so how exactly does one go about cleaning off
the old lube with what, and from which part of the player and what exactly would
be a suitable replacement lube to apply?

Can anybody plase help me on this?

Now that micromega are no longer distributing in the UK - does anybody know of
anybody who carries spares or is able to do repairs on micromega transports?


For Mike Hughes (Janet Gleave)
I had the Drive 2 and the lubricant was the problem. I just cleaned the rails with a lint free cloth and a small amount of denatured alcohol. I used a very fine teflon lubricant which worked very well.
True, re: what the Micromega used to be. Mike, it's over with that cdp. I owned that baby and loved it. It's had its' (sonic) day. I have an Audio Aero Prima that.....hey no comparison. Let that baby go and move on up. You won't look back. peace, warren
I have a mission CD player (15 yrs old) which was skipping and making a whining noise during playing. I opened the lid, cleaned the lens, and lubricated everywhere I could think of with PTFE based grease and 18 months later its still working perfectly, and actually sounding better than before.

I had really no idea what I was doing but I figured I had nothing to lose ... you sound like you might be in a similar position. good luck.

Not sure whether your Micromega Duo Transport is a top loader. If so, the lubricant unlikely to be the cause. I still have a Micromega's last Data CDT, which is a top loader.

If it is a drawer loader, then good chance the lubricant on is the culprit - all you have to do is clean off the dried up lube and relubricate as Rives suggested.
it might be a bit late but did u sort out that problem with your micromega transport? i had the same prob and found some info on how to go about sorting it....and it worked:) lemme know if u need that info.
dear rorx, only just picked up your reply as i moved house and changed my email address soon after i posted my question about my troublesome micromega DUO transport.I am still having the same problems.The DUO transport still really struggles to read discs on startup .You mention youve had the same problem and sorted it?IF YOU COULD GIVE ME ANY HELP AT ALL ON HOW I COULD SORT MY PROBLEM I WOULD BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL .
I have a micromega trio player with tracking proiblem at times. Can anyone offer me any help? Thanks
could you share with me the information about how to remedy a failed Micromega Duo transport. I get this out once in a while and try something else. I have replaced the laser assembly but to no real avail. I took it off the high shelf where I retired it and thought that maybe the capacitors need replacement. A vague thought. But not totally nuts. It doesn't spin up very far and so doesn't read the TOC.
it rattles the focus of the lens up and down and stops.
I would love to get it back in the game but, it just doesn't work, for whatever reason.