Micromega T-Drive Transport, anybody got one?

I bought a Micromega T-Drive transport back in 1994. After numerous attempts to fix it still plays up.

I thinking of getting another used transport around $1500-2000 to partner my Altmann Dac.

Are there any Micromega T-Drive owners who have moved onto other (better) transport and if so which transport did you get?

Among others, I'm looking to see if I can get a used Audio Note CDT Zero or One (for example)

no offense to the altmann, but for 1500 bucks, there are tons on players(mint-used) with exceptional transports and dac's. the audio note is good, but not as good as the micromega(when they're both working)..
Jaybo, Thanks for your reply.

the audio note is good, but not as good as the micromega

I perhaps have the possibility of getting another used Micromega T-Drive that has been upgraded with a better clock and power supply as well as some mods to the digital out. I think it had the laser mechanism also replaced. It would cost around $500 from someone in England.

Any other transport suggestions or opinions on the Micromega T-Drive?

no offense to the altmann, but for 1500 bucks, there are tons on players(mint-used) with exceptional transports and dac's

Jaybo: I presume you've heard the Altmann Dac when making the above statement?

Perhaps you could give me some examples of one box cdp or transport/dac's ore even dacs you've compared against the Altmann Dac up to $1500? After that I can check them out.

Cheers :-)
Dear J-k, while you are pondering the question, I recommend you purchase a mid-of-the-range used (not abused) TEAC cdp to use as transport.
Their transport mechanisms are good and the mechanical integrity is first class. The sound is more extended than, say, a typical philips (i.e. what you had on the micromega) although it might sound dryish at times.
Much cheaper than most alternatives, too. Regards
Gregm: I think that's a good suggestion. Thanks. I'll have a look into the Teac cdp as a transport.

Jaybo: I decided I'm still interested in getting responses about better transports than my Micromega T-drive.

I don't want this thread to digress in to one box players recommendations. I know different people have different opinions about the merits of the Altmann Dac. I intend keeping it, so thinking back now, it's not worth getting (your) opinions about one box cdp's. I can always search or start a separate thread with regards to that. Sorry for messing you around. Thanks for your input regarding AN vs Micromeaga transports.

Btw. any comments on CEC transports ?

Cheers :-)
I also bought a new T-Drive when it first came out and enjoyed it for many years till it stopped reading discs (but sold the companion DAC the very same year). It was quite nice -- sweet, dimensional sound, but not quite as extended as others. With a new laser mechanism and clock, it would be a good buy at $500.

Replaced it with an Empirical-modded Sony that provided a nice upgrade, especially regarding detail. Then got a DIY-zone CD-Pro2m based on the Philips transport mechanism that many expensive transports use. It's really good -- deeper and tighter bass and very musical (there's one for sale at Audio Circle -- no affiliation). I still use it, though more often use a red-wine modded Olive music server -- just as good and all my collection without getting out of my chair (unfortunately Vinnie doesn't mod them anymore).

BTW, I've heard the Altmann (compared to several other DACs in a local shoot-out) and thought it was very good.
Richards: Thanks for input... much appreciated.

Funny though. I was researching the latest Olive Opus No.4 server/cdp . I wasn't, however, sure how good it's digital out was. Also I would have liked to run it off a battery but Vinnie doesn't do mods although I gather other people do

I asked Olive support

Have you compared the Olvie Opus Nr-4 to any other decicated CD or DVD players either via the digital outs or analogue outs ?

and they answered:

We have compared to a couple of CD transports from Cambridge Audio and others in a similar price range and the OPUS 4 is on par with those players.

I'm also looking at a used 47 labs Shigaraki transport with regard to later having it modded for battery version.

I was actually already looking at CD-Pro2m based Philips mechanism transports. It seems some high end cdp(cdt manufacturers use it. I found one via the various forums and I'm still researching called Softone Model 3 It's priced at $1500 + shipping. For me as I live in Sweden I have to factor around 30-35% on top of this for import taxes.

Cheers :-)
Regarding Opus: I have the Opus 3 and the analogue out is not on par with audiophile equipment.

I run it through the digital out via a Musical Fidelity or a TACT 2.2XP). With the external DAC's it sounds good. I also have an Arcam CD82 CDP, and I think the Opus through the digital out and the external DAC is on about the same level as the Arcam.

If you have a DAC you like I think the Opus is a good audiophile solution. The convenience of the music server changes the way you listen.

BTW, if you live in Europe, you might want to check out the Hifidelio Pro-S 500. It is like the original Opus (called Symphony or Musica in the US, but it was just a rebranded German Hifidelio) and now comes in a model with a 500 GB drive.

It also has the analogue recording feature that the new American (Olive) models have dropped.

It's hard to find, though. Check if you have a Hifidelio dealer in Sweden (try http://www.audioactive.se/) who can get it for you.
Hi Richards,

I own a DIY CD PRO2M Kit but I cannot build it because I cannot find web site with explanation. Dead?
Do you have any link or documentation to build the kit?