Micromega Mydac is a pain..

I've been trying to upgrade the driver for this for 2 days now and I'm done pulling out my hair. What a joke. The driver for 24 bits/192 khz won't load with Windows 10. The tutorial supplied doesn't work, either. Thought I'd try my old desk top which runs Windows XP, and got somewhere with that. I was able to download the driver, but it still wasn't recognized with my notebook running Windows 10. I uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled, and reinstalled, and it still isn't recognized. Micromega doesn't respond to emails. It will work for streaming Tidal, Spotify, and Radio Tunes, but it just bothers me that I bought something that only partially works and the manufacturer won't even respond. I've had reservations about this digital business and now I see why. I've had a monster headache for 2 days now and I'm finished with it. When I think about hooking the notebook up to it I just get pi$$ed. I think if I take a huge hammer to it I'd feel a lot better.
After all of the money I've invested in conventional hi-end "stereo" equipment, I have procrastinated on moving into computer audio, hirez downloads, etc. Thank you for confirming that decision.
$280, I understand your frustration but this sort of thing happens after EVERY new iteration of Windows (and probably Mac OS too). I'm not specifically speaking about the MyDAC driver so don't everyone jump my case about Macs - I love Unix). It happened with Windows XP, it happened with Windows 7, it happened with Windows 8 and I don't see it ending anytime soon. That's why I have NOT upgraded to 10 and probably won't for at least 6 months.

Looking at the tutorial document, it appears that there are some hoops to jump through related to the driver not being digitally signed for Windows 10. I suspect Micromega underestimated the time it would take to have their driver certified by Microsoft and that this will probably resolve itself eventually. I also suspect that their support is overwhelmed by the Windows 10 issues given the huge rollout that was almost forced by Microsoft.

I know this is probably not much solace but if you feel like going for that hammer - don't. Just send it to me and I'll hook it up to my Squeezbox Touch. :)

After going through all of the above, I thought I'd slip a cd in and relax. The disc wouldn't load after multiple tries. I was so angry I took it and bent it in half, then in half again, and it exploded into dozens of pieces. Then I thought I'd just listen to Radio Tunes through the tablet. The left channel decided it wasn't going to work. I messed with that for a couple hours before I gave up and put it on the charger. It's now about 1:30 am and before I turned in I thought of one more thing to look at to get it working right. I turn it on, plug in the ear buds, and it works. I have no clue why. I guess yesterday was my no-go-digital day. I had contacted the seller of the mydac about my problems asking if they had any ideas in helping with my problem. I received an email with a phone number to a person who is willing to help. Hoping I have success since it seemed yesterday was the no digital day.
Windows upgrades haven't affected my turntable. '-)
$1.280- Glad you've had some success, but I'd bet a steak dinner that DJohnson54 nailed it. Almost certainly due to the DAC not supporting Windows 10. I've been getting a little itchy about Win 10 but you've now confirmed that patience (not my strong suit) is highly recommended.
If you want an alternate solution until they fix the Win 10 drivers, you can use Linux. Its like Apple. You don't need special drivers. You can put a Linux distro on a dvd or usb stick and run it directly from that, and not touch your hard drive. All you need to do is download an iso file and burn it on a dvd. If you're interested, I can show you where to download exactly what you need. Its much easier than dealing with Windows.
Thanks Zd542. That may be the direction I'll have to take. I'm awaiting a return call/email from the number provided by the seller. I've also heard back from the Mydac folks. They asked if I got the download from their site, which I did. They then said when I right click on the setup.exe file I should see a pop-up with multiple tabs and I should select the compatibility tab. The only tab that appears is a general tab, nothing more. I tried multiple times on all of the files and I get the same thing. So now we play phone/email tag to see if we can work it out.
Zd542, I'll be in touch if need be on your Linux offer.
Swampwalker, when you decide to go to Windows 10, read http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/bitwise/2015/08/windows_10_privacy_problems_here_s_how_bad_they_are_and_how_to_plug_them.html this.
That's how I set mine up. They're getting real invasive.
You know, I have nothing against streaming and computer audio or anything, but I just think it's easier to put a CD in the player and listen to music. I was recently over at a friend's home who has a beautiful system with a Linn Klimax server, but he said he couldn't play the CD I brought over because the server updated once a day or something like that. I don't get that - I can't play the music I want to play right now? What kind of enjoyment is that? In any case, to the extent I'm not listening to records, I'll just stay with CDs.
All is well in digital land. Micromega has been in constant contact with me making sure all of my settings, etc., were in order. Cedric offered to take control of my computer, so I downloaded Teamviewer 10, and we went through the set up together. Where I messed up is I didn't extract the folder, which wasn't in the tutorial. I'm not totally computer literate, so I didn't know that had to be done. I asked if the tutorial will be amended and he said they are in the process of a new download right now, possibly ready in a month or so.
Happy again.
$2.80 great news glad it all worked out for you finally! Also thanks for the Windows10 info, I got it about a month ago and didn't know about the privacy issues just went through all the steps in the Slate article. Much obliged!
I was surprised just how much they can manipulate a private computer!