Micromega MyDac and Windows XP

My new MyDac is a big improvement over my existing DACS: Logitech Touch, Quad Elite CDP, and Audioquest Dragonfly.

MyDac needs a driver to stream 192/24 files from PCs. I can't install it on my older Windows XP PC. Micromega's site doesn't have any compatibility information. Does anyone know the answer or have any suggestions?

How do you connect your DAC to your PC?
Via a USB A/B cable as intended. During installation of the driver, you are asked to disconnect and reconnect the DAC. This is where the program seems to fail. It doesn't recognize and configure the DAC (I think) although Windows knows it's there as I can choose it as my output device (alongside options for Dragonfly and my soundcard).
So, let me get this straight...you call the Micromega a "big improvement" but you cannot install it?

Get a Mac and all your probs will be solved.
Perhaps you need to disable your virus protection and firewall?
During installation of the driver, you are asked to disconnect and reconnect the DAC. This is where the program seems to fail.
When you reached that point, before disconnecting the DAC did you check to see if there was a "safely remove hardware" icon in the systray area (at the lower right of the screen), and if so, if an entry corresponding to the DAC appeared when you clicked on that icon? If there was, that entry should have been clicked before disconnecting the DAC.

Also, the instructions here refer to connecting the DAC when prompted during the installation process, not to disconnecting it and then reconnecting it. Sometimes driver software has to be installed before Windows "sees" the associated hardware. Try uninstalling the DAC in Device Manager, then shutting down the computer, rebooting with the DAC disconnected, then re-doing the driver installation with the DAC only being connected after the prompt to connect it appears.

-- Al
Thanks for the suggestions. I have tried most but will start again from scratch. BTW, the same driver install issue occurs with Windows 7 on my laptop. Will report back.
Uninstall and reinstall fails. The actual dialogue box within the installer says to 'remove, reinstall and turn on the device you wish to install.' Anyway, I tried it both ways to no avail. Next step is talking to the U.S. Distributor.
Another thought: Are the USB ports on your older XP computer USB 2.0? If not, and they are USB 1.1, that would probably explain the problem with that computer. If you are not sure, let us know the make and model of the computer, and/or the approximate year it was purchased.

And are you using a USB 2.0 compatible cable? If by any chance you are using a cable dating back to the days of USB 1.1, that would probably explain the problems installing to your Windows 7 computer as well.

Hope that helps. Regards,
-- Al
I finally have my 192 driver installed, which allowed me to enable kernel streaming for the first time. 24/192 files sound wonderful. Keep in mind I'm running Windows XP.

My problem may have been user error but after deleting all MicroMega files, I began from scratch. I kept the MyDac unplugged and unconnected until the software asked for it. When I plugged it in and connected it, Windows recognized it with a pleasing sound (new device detected) and the driver software installed. This allowed me to choose the kernel streaming option in JRiver 17. I should note that I also have a Dragonfly DAC attached that I use for my computer desktop speakers and I can now easily switch between the DACs (using a combination of the Control Panel and JRiver 17) without trouble. The MyDac goes to a Linn Kairn, then Linn Akurate 242s bi-amped with Klouts.

Success, satisfaction, and great value from this nifty French unit.
I'm a MyDAC user too (MAC) and am very impressed with the quality of the music it produces. I've listened to several budget minded DAC's and found the MyDAC to be the most listenable of all of them.

Speaking of Linn, I use to own an all Linn aktiv system and I find that the MyDAC is dangerously close to the performance of my Linn Unidisk 1.1. It's astonishing how far digital processing has come in the past few years!

Enjoy your new DAC Ganiardr, your persistence will be rewarded with wonderful music!
Excellent! Thanks for letting us know.

-- Al