Micromega M100 vs Coda CSib, vs Pass ? vs

I’ve been running a Micromega M100 for a few months that initially I did not care for. Not sure what happened but now I really like it. I was thinking back and it’s possible I had the room correction engaged from the previous owner.
Between the M100 and a few other items I can sell I can round up probably 6 grand. Would anything in that price range used be a substantial improvement to the Micromega. I would lose the very good DAC in the Micromega so would prob need to budget at least 1k out of the 6 for a DAC. 
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I have owned the CSiB (bulit in Sept 2019 so not latest amp section). I liked my KRELL K-300i better than the CODA CSiB. I have the CODA separates now, 07x + #8. I like the CODA separates more than the KRELL K-300i  but it is a very close call.

The KRELL is very useful in that it has a built-in DAC option which is great with HDMI sources. The DAC for USB streaming music is only OK but it does have the best ROON READY endpoint I have (I have 4 of them). I have  are better usb external DACs.

The sound of the CSiB and KRELL are a matter of preference. The KRELL is smoother and more powerful, with the first 90 watts in Class A. A fantastic integrated amp. This goes for sale on the used market around $5K, maybe lower.


I was using 3 DSP filters on 3 different systems on my ROON Core. I do know what it is like to use the wrong DSP filter on the wrong system. The system can sound subtlety wrong or really messed up. I bet you had the DSP enabled from the previous owner.

I am not using DSP now since I improved my external acoustic panels positioning.
Thanks I will certainly add Krell K-300i to the list to consider. 
I’m adding Ayre to the list to consider as well. Everything I read about them is just excellent. 
AX-5 is in the range. Is the AX-5 twenty worth the additional cost? 
@audiotroy is a dealer of micromega and coda so should be able to offer a comparison of those two
ye s we sell all three the coda csib with the right dac is extraodinary the krell k3001 is fantastic as a dac amp and streamer for the price with the dac and streamer it is pretty hrd to beat

the m100 is also a geeat all around performer it really depends onj the synergy with the loudspeakers

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@mofojo I did a comparison last night with the KRELL K-300i vs CODA separates, 07x + #8 using my RAAL SR1a headphones. The KRELL was my favorite by a lot. It is the stronger bass on the KRELL that really makes the RAAL work great (It is a bit bass shy).

On my floor standers I would say the CODA separates is preferred by the slimiest of margins over the KRELL K-300i. They sound different. The CODA separates are better than the CSiB.

I also compared the internal DAC on the KRELL with my Benchmark DAC3B and it was close but I preferred the Benchmark DAC3B to the KRELL’s internal DAC. If I did not have 2 better DACs than the KRELL’s internal DAC, I would be happy to use the internal DAC.

As I stated previously the HDMI on the KRELL DAC is very nice and easy to use with ARC return. I have a Roku, an Oppo BluRay, and Cable TV also hooked up to the KRELL via HDMI. I also use TOSLINK from the TV into the DAC3B and then into 1 of the sources on the KRELL. Also great sound. A very nimble feature rich unit.

It took me a while to appreciate it but the KRELL K-300i is now my fav integrated. Like it over the following:

- Mark Levinson 585
- Luxman 509x
- PeachTree Nova 150

I’m really starting to appreciate the Micromega with the Focals, just a great synergy. I like it with the Pioneers as well but am kinda dumbfounded I may be liking the much cheaper Focals more. 
Sounds like the Krell is something I should definitely check out if I ran across one with the right price.  If I decide to try something Ill definitely keep the Micromega until I can do proper comparison. Too many times I’ve sold something without a side by side and left thinking hmmmmm….. I wonder. 
@mojo I was considering the Micromega along with the KRELL and CODA. I did not want DSP on my unit (I prefer a computer) so that was a deciding factor for me to not try the Micromega. I was at first down on the amp fan (I think Micromega has one) but my KRELL also has a fan and I do not hear it sitting 1 foot from it.

I actually did sell my KRELL K-300i but took it back because the buyer had some issue with the lettering on the faceplate. I never noticed it when I sold it. I am so happy I still have the unit. I sent it back to KRELL to fix the faceplate, and they replaced it with a completely new faceplate. The new ones no longer have white lettering pasted on. Instead it is grey lettering that is etched on the faceplate.