Micromega M 100 Why no love for this compact wonder.

We put out a Micromega M100 a few months back. We are now really listening to this little jewel. 

We replaced the Devialet D130 with the Micromega M 100 and find that there is a wonderful quality of sheer musicality and involvement with the Micromega that we weren't getting with the Devialet.

There have been positive mentions in Stereophile, Audiostream and others. What I find so weird is how no one on the forums is talking about this piece. I have seen full page ads on the Micromega, why I am wondering why people aren't  paying attention. 

The M 100 has pretty much every major feature under the sun, DSD playback, Phono, Streaming, Headphone playback, 100 watts A/B amplification, Roon compatible, Analog and digital inputs. 

The price is reasonable, $4,500.00 for a component that can replace, an integrated amp, a dac, a streamer, and a phono stage. The M100 is also sexy and compact. So why no love?

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor
glue some tubes on top of it

if that doesn't work, connect some fancy $15,000 cables to it
" There have been positive mentions in Stereophile, Audiostream and others. What I find so weird is how no one on the forums is talking about this piece. I have seen full page ads on the Micromega, why I am wondering why people aren't  paying attention. "

1. There's a lot of good products in this segment of the market.
2. Small dealer network.
3. No one likes the French

Gee it seems that everyone loves Devialet which is um French!

I don't think Micromegas dealer network is any smaller then any other high end brand.

Yes there are are lot of good products, however, what product do you know of that has such a remarkable feature set.

The dac in it will play almost any format, it has a true class A/B amplifier and has a lush tonal quality with fantastic bass control, it has room correction coming, a phono stage, Blue tooth, apple airplay, network etc.

The closet thing we sell is the Nad M32 which is more powerful and has the wonderful Blu Sound O/S it also has a phono stage, but the amp stage is more off the crip detailed side, and it won't play DSD, files and has no room correction. 

We love both pieces theire is a magic that the Micromega has which is very intoxicating, and I find it so odd that after making such a nice splash and getting favorable mentions by the press, it is so slow to take off.

So Sfall what product is in that price range that people are apparently buying? Love to know. 

I like French wine, French food and French women.
I've had my eye on the Micormega M100 since Darko's mini review but my wallet says "hold on a minute there."

I like the fact that it does everything except make my morning coffee and it has the looks as well. Time will tell.

All the best,
" The price is reasonable, $4,500.00 for a component that can replace, an integrated amp, a dac, a streamer, and a phono stage. The M100 is also sexy and compact. So why no love? "

To start with, most US buyers don't want to have all that in one box.Especially if the phono stage gets converted to digital. (I'm not sure, but I'll assume it does unless you say otherwise.). American buyers like to leave they're options open so they can upgrade. A much more appealing system would be something like an Ayre CX-7 and an Ayre Codex. I know the features are not exactly the same, but this is the type of system that we would be looking for. For some similar products, Resolution Audio and Wadia have new products that sound and look great.

Another trend in the US is high quality integrated amps with dacs that have plenty of features. Parasound Halo and McIntosh are 2 good examples.

Its not that the Micromega isn't good, because it is. I just think other products are more appealing to the American market.

Its an interesting unit and better looking then the Davialet. but for me its only got one RCA input I need more. Tuner, Phono MC (I have a good MC stage), TV, Blue-ray, streamer, I know all the digital can go directly but with only one optical i'm not sure how to do that, so basically its lack of inputs for me. and also i do not want my analog from my Phono digitized may as well not have a record player in that case. same as the Davialet its just not that useful for a high end system that has analog as well as digital, IMO. I do like the room correction that's very handy. your remote is nice looking as well.

I've also noticed many Davialets on the used market this leads me to think long term they are not satisfying. I hope yours are better in that regard.

Sfall, that comparison is bit off, You are comparing a $4,000.00 Ayre integrated amplifier + a $2,500.00  Ayre  Dac and you now need a $500 to $1,000 set of cables so you are comparing, a $4,500.00 Micromega, integrated amplifier to a package that is costing $7,000-$7,500.00 and in addition the Ayre is only 60 watts vs the Micromega which has 100 watts.

You also don't know if the Micromega would outperform it which I am not saying one way or the other, which would come out on top, I do respect Ayre.

The issue is simplicity and good sound which the Micromega delivers in spades, as per the Parasound Halo it is good, however, it doesn't have a built in streamer so add $500 plus a cable and it still doesn't sound as good, we have Parasound.

So Sfall you are saying Americans love complexity over pure musical satisfaction that comes in an attractive little box?

I wonder if the lack of a formal review is hindering sales more than your comments on American liking different kinds of systems. If that was completely true no one would have purchased Devialet.

The real game changer will be when the Micromega room correction system comes out.

In my mind the music is what should matter if you can create a stunning sound out of a simple box  that seems to me to be a great thing.

The Devialets were fantastic in many regards they just don't draw you in the Micromega costs almost half, has room correction coming, and  has a lush tube like midrange. We got rid of the Devialet and couldn't be happier. 

 I think the lack of a formal review may be the real reason, I guess we will have to wait and see.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor

Glennewdick's post is exactly what I'm talking about. The Micromega doesn't quite fit our market. That said, its still an excellent product, and they will sell some of them over here.
I hate to disagree, guys most of today's newer purchasers don't have a dearth of legacy sources.

For example the huge amount of digital sources would fit Glennewdicks  needs to a T, and with a digital tuner built in you don't need the noisy analog tuner and with Roon and an Nas you don't need CD's anymore.

What this says to me is that the piece isn't wrong it is people perceptions of what and why they need what they need.

Troy, a few things maybe, unfortunately, yes reviews do have a way of swaying(?) a lot of folks minds, always have, probably always will. Sometimes no review is better than a crappy one in the wrong persons hand or ears, although not many bad reviews anymore it seems.

Also, while Micromega has done a lot better with regard to dealer support and presence here in the US, that hasn't always been the case, and sometimes lack of support can be a huge deal breaker. Get me once, won't get me twice. As I said, I think that support is much better these days.

I own an all-in-one myself too, won't Naim Naims, hah, but with the brand, I know I have solid support and a very good history of upgrading, hardware/firmware etc. Hard to say how Micromega will do long term. My basic unit has been around since 2010, still going strong. Yes, new Uniti series is on the way, but for a digital product, 7-8 years is pretty darn good.

And lastly for now, it is a digital product in one box. As others have mentioned, there still is that audiophile mentality-right or wrong, that individual boxes are "better". Not to mention being able to upgrade certain parts if/when the technology changes or improves.

Personally, I like the looks of the Micromega unit, and maybe if I hadn't purchased my Uniti long ago, I might have given it a go. I would say though, you are just going to have to do your best to "sell" the unit to people that are on the fence. Most die-hard audiophiles won't necessarily be your target here in general. Hopefully, if the unit really is a great piece and sounds great, it will help sell itself. FWIW.

PS-I am on your side in that there really is an awful lot to like in products like these, and for me I have to say that I do not feel short changed in any way when it has come to sound quality by "downsizing" to what many here would call a "lifestyle" product. To me it makes great music, simple and less fuss!

$4500 doesn't sound like much to many of us here, but to a person setting up a new system, it is total sticker shock.  I don't care how much it does.  But I've always like their products - just never had the need for one. 
I just took a gamble on one of these to pair with Sopra 2's.  Will report back with impressions.  Supposedly the pairing made nice at shows so we'll see.
I have a Micromega M-One and I love it! It sounds great, it looks cool and it is quite hi tech. What is not to like?
Hey EMCdade just curious why didn't you consider ordering one from us after we started the post?  Just trying to find out why we aren't getting the love?

The M100   is really marvelous one of our favorite integrated amps. we are awaiting the new Anthem STR so we will have one of the best collections of cool integrated amplifiers with dac 

We have the NAD M32, the Micromega M100, now the Anthem STR, and we have the new Naim Nova and Star on order. 
You guys have a good reputation,  I find it out of line to start threads on products that you sell to create interest and even pitch sales within the thread... its a good product,  but not what this forum is here for. 

Tim you guys are the first to decry that there are no brick and mortar stores left where people can go and listen, and very few of you guys are trying to support the actual stores, which we are. 

The industry is actually very unfair to the brick and mortar and smaller dealers, we are being squeezed out by the Amazon and direct sellers and some of the on line dealers 

So you are right on one hand I did start the thread as an endorsement of this wonderful little amp/dac/streamer, but it is more out of curiosity to inquire why and where people are buying their products from.

Also the reason we actually know what we are talking about is because we have a large selection of demo products and we are always looking for really great new products. 

I would think that should account for something. 
Hi Dave/Troy...... Overall,  its a sad state for retail today.  I discuss this literally daily.  I am the VP of an Advertising Agency and speak to dealers daily about the state of many industries and how to combat the shrinking retail brick an mortar customer base due to no overhead online dealers... I've been a manufacture, a Manufactures rep and a Dealer very similar to yourself,  so I clearly understand your plight.
Even so, understanding it, I'm not sure that it should open up our forum to dealers making post that in the long run, the only interest is to build their sales.  Should the other 700 or so Brick and Mortar independents be allowed to open threads to create discussion on their products? 
So, not to steal the ops thread any longer,  I'll leave it at that,  there are certainly a couple of subjects here that could be subjects of other threads.  
Nothing personal from me,  I'd have no problem calling you if I wanted a product that you carry... Unless, you don't ship or compete online,  I would go to another for online sales as in my small community, I don't have a high end retailer.  If you'd ever like to have a discussion,  pm me.  You'll get some free advice.  Tim 


I loved your post you nailed it exactly.

I can't stand pushy know more than me dealers,I go out of my way,I would even pay double,to avoid.

I hate to disagree their are many dealers that have shills on these posts anyone who states dealer disclaimer is also announcing that they are selling these products.

The real issue is the breakdown of retail is due to a number of factors, the first being the manufacturers.

If you make it more expensive to purchase from an online dealer then a brick and mortar you have something. A brick and mortar displaying dealer should get preferential treatment vs someone who sells off all their display products and then just hawks this and that line that they don’t even really represent out of a warehouse somewhere.

Then you can also keep pricing the same, as Apple does, an Apple IPad is priced the same everywhere. It is the lack of integrity with many of these manufacturers that  is the real problem.

Most Audiogon guys don’t realize that this is what somepeople actually pay their bills with and it is not a luxury to sell these products we have to sell them in order to stay in business.

And Kdude we don’t profess to know more than you, most dealers would never make that statement, what many dealers have is experience which comes from the exposure to many different systems and components.

I see it time and time again from many of the questions people post that many audiogoners never get off the merry go round because they don’t know how to voice a system properly and change components when maybe these just need to change a cable or add a power conditioner.

Dealers should be considered more for the advice they can offer many times can be beneficial and it is not always about selling a product.

Well,  I love to see dealers chiming in to give accurate information about the products that they know so well... My problem is starting threads to instill interest in a product.  I've got plenty of ideas of how to survive as a high end audio dealer in this world today.  I've never meant to be rude to you,  just very straight forward, with that,  I have to say that with the way that you phrase your argument above,  You cannot stay competitive in the current environment. To survive in our online world,  a Brick and Mortar store must learn to walk a fine line and still out service a simple online discount house.  Also,  you say "Most Audiogon guys"  I've seen incredible support for many dealers on this forum... Manufacturers are a big part of the problem and there are ways to deal with that....
Again, no disrespect, you're in a tough, competitive environment,  when I owned my store 30 years ago,  I didn't completely get it either.  Its taken me this past 20 years in advertising dealing with hundreds of retailers to help guide my clients to success. 
So,  good luck to you brother,  I love to see you in the forums,  just not posting sales inquiry's.
has anyone any thoughts on the micromega m one vs another all in one - the Linn DSM-1?

Aside from the fact that the micromega handles DSD files, I wonder how the room correction influences sound compared to Linn's Exact system.
I returned my M One before even really hearing it.  It ran super hot and the internal cooling fan was definitely audible for me.  Sitting on top of my entertainment console the fan was even louder than my HTPC that features a discrete graphics card which is inside the cabinet (noise gets amplified by some boundary gain).  

Its one thing for an amp to run hot but quite another when you're talking a processor, DAC chips, etc.  Coming from the pc world I'd question the longevity of this unit.  Just didn't feel worth the price to me.  Ymmv
thank you. now i have to decide whether to go for akurate or majik with the exakt  amp. I think the linn speakers with the inbuilt amp is another questionable design decision. When the cabinet is pounded with so much sound energy from the driver, why expose the the amp circuitry and all those connections to the vibration. In fact, that may be why they dont solder the connections but only use spades.
Dear Emcdude,

You  have a defective piece, our demo unit runs warm but that is it also it has a fan which you also can't hear, we have run our demo unit  at very loud levels, with a whole bunch of speakers and the M100 never got that hot or had an audibile fan noise.

You might question where you got it from? Was it new, a repack a show demo or some out of the ordinary history?

The M100 continues to amaze, it is more musically balanced then the Linn gear, which tends to have a more pronunced midrange punch ie the Linn sound, the M100 sounds more like a tube amp in the midrange, with tight bass and a lovely overall presentation.

We have recently gotten in a spate of really good integrated amplifiers the NAD M32, the Micromega M100, the Anthem STR, the Naim Atom and a few others.

The M100 is one sweet heart of an integrated amplifier

Dave and Troy 
Audio Doctor NJ

Lack of Roon support prevents me from pulling the trigger on the M One.

Also, the lack of a headphone jack relative to the competition (Hegel Rost) is another.
Not sure if this is the right place, but since it's been discussed, any comments on the sound quality of the NAD M32 and the BluOS "add on" and app. Also comments on a comparison between the NAD M32 and the Moon ACE would be appreciated. Expect to use either with the Focal Aria 936 speakers. Thanks so much.
DPD you are wrong on both points, the Micromeg M100 shows up in roon under airplay and can be completely controlled by Roon over the network

The M100 has a headphone jack right on the front.

It also has a more musical presentation than the Hegel Roost add to the fact that you have apt x blutooth, a room correction module and a built in phono stage, makes the Micromega M100 more flexible than the Roost.

If you head a Micromega M100 you will want one it is one of the best sounding integrated amplifiers under $10k at its price point and with its feature set it is hard to beat.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
Roon over Airplay is not the same as being Roon Ready, sorry.

Airplay doesn't allow for full high resolution playing. Roon native RAAT support does.
As for being best under $10k....are you saying it's better than Devialet Expert Pro 130?
I probably wouldn't bother taking the time to look at a box with so much stuffed inside it. I'm extremely cost conscious and I'm blowing money on what I believe is the greatest possible quality for the dollar. I'll build something if I can if the money spent represents very high quality. Units with that much stuff inside strike me as appealing to home theater crossovers who're accustomed to big boxes bristling with controls and features. They don't particularly appeal to people who's ideal is a stack of separates but are seeking a rational compromise on the pre-amp/power amp, especially since that's not that great of a compromise for the savings. 

Micromega M 100 Why no love for this compact wonder.

MICRO CD M100 TDA1541A-S1 (Single Crown) CDM-1

With this R2R ladder Multibit and great laser inside, should be a beaut for doing pcm Redbook if they did the right thing with it.

Oops sorry this is Micro Seiki

Cheers George

I've said some of this already and you seemed to coast over my comments. so does it have a pure analogue phono section?  if it digitized  it then its not aimed at anyone that takes vinyl play back seriously.

lastly I think there is a market for this item but the seasoned audiophile may not be the target market for these as we tend to already own some equipment and need more inputs then this offers. also a lot of us want our digital and amplification in separate boxes regardless of the extra cable so that one aspect of the one box does not make the whole system out dated in a few years...just look at the resale market for home theater receivers.

Like I said there is a market for this item as its really nice looking and i'm sure sounds as great as you say (love the color options). the market? i'd say the down sizing or new entry to high end person, etc.

Even with tidal and Roon ready that still only eliminates one of my digital input needs I still have a high end blue ray player and a tv with digital out i'd like to accommodate, that's 3 digital inputs could live with two if you had another RCA (still looking for a dac that will do this but there is a few out there) then I have a very good highly moded Sansui Tuner that will blow the doors off your integrated digital tuner any day of the week regardless of what you say (its $1500 worth of tuner so id not expect a $4500 M100 to compete here). oh phono stage.... Loading options , Gain available  nothing on the web sight about this ...digital or an after though... nuf said. 

oh phono stage.... Loading options , Gain available  nothing on the web sight about this

Devialet's phono stage configuration choices are pretty amazing.
I had only ever seen MicroMega products on sites like Massdrop, offering nice little introductory DAC/amps.  I was so surprised to see a massive Devialet-style product by them. Just felt like it was out of left field.  But that is no doubt stemming from my ignorance about them as a company:) 
the Micromega M-100 or 150 has a hood hanging over the back.  Doesn't that make it hard and tedious to hook stuff up to it?
I’ve never heard it but I just bought a Peachtree Nova 300 for my bedroom and it does everything well for less than 2k. I think when you get to $4500  people start looking at the big name brands. Maybe?

Anyone who owns the Micromega M-150 able to tell me whether this amp capable to drive 87db load loudspeakers??

Do you feel this 150W integrated amp is as powerful the Devialet??

What is your comment about its MARS feature??

@audiotroy.  What are your thoughts on the M100 vs the Anthem STR.  Both have room correction and are all in one units.  Almost all of my listening is streaming via Tidal.  What would be the best way to stream Tidal to one of these units...I understand they utilize airplay, but the quality loss is pretty significant.
Ideally I would like something with full MQA compatibility, but to do so it would involve an extra A-D conversion which could worsen quality.  Streamers I would look at would be the bluesound node or Lumin D1.  I have heard the Lumin and Bluesound on the same system, and while the Lumin sounds better to me, bluesound would work better for multiroom.