Micromega M-100/150 field reports

Got a M-100 or M-150?  Share your setups, tweaks and observations, and help out your homies.

My initial M-100 config and some early observations in this thread.

Things I'm wondering about:

  • hacks & upgrades to LAN infrastructure including h/w, and whether they make an objective difference in reproduction from the M-100/150
  • power cords/supplies, with same question (objective difference?)
  • MARS room correction performance & value
  • whether Micromega will have any relief for the abject instability of their Android control app (circa 2016)
Just got M100 last month to pair with Martin Logan Clarity, it has been a wonderful experience so far and love the sound coming from this combo. Currently 100% listening done thu TIDAL streaming , and wondering anyone here has compared which connection is the best? Laptop USB >M100 direct? Laptop USB>USB to Coax(DDC)>M100 Coax or LAN by connecting to network? 
"...which connection is best?"
Do whatever's easiest? That any of those connection paths will make a
audible difference for you & your hearing is the subject of lots of fighting and mumbo-jumbo.

From my LAN (and a inexpensive hub) I use the RJ45 (ethernet) connection on the M-100. To satisfy superstition, place laptop some distance from amp.
@usery, thank you for the reply, unfortunately placement of m100 now is a bit difficult running RJ45 to it, and my toddler just snapped my M2tech hiface 2 (DDC), therefore I'm asking anyone here has done the comparison between each input. I guess I have just to suck it up and get another DDC and run RJ45 to do the comparison. I will report back my finding. 
roni44 said: "...get another DDC"
Yeah I’m wary of interfaces like that ... especially at that price, those reviews, and that it’s apparently a ’chi-fi’ product. I have nothing against ’chi-fi’ per se - IF the companies are well-established, with records of credibility and honest value (think iFi or iBasso).

Is your laptop your only available NAS option?
I did notice big improvement over lower end DAC from Schiit after I plugged in hiface 2, M2tech do make some reputable products and it's Italian company specialized in DDCs, and DACs. My toddler broke my hiface 2 before I can sit down and have serious A/B session, therefore I'm stuck with USB direct to M100 for now. Maybe my mind is playing a trick on me but I felt USB direct to M100 for some reason doesn't sound as alive and detailed compared to Hiface 2 to Coaxial. Anyhow, I'm looking into Audiophilleo 2 with pure power make sure keep it away from my toddler this time.