microlaminate as isolation

we are having construction done on our old house (yes we are adding a listening room).    The new overhead support beams are made of micro laminate   very ridgid and incredibly strong.   I was wondering if anyone has ever used this material for isolation platforms and  / or if you think it would work.    I have always assumed maple as wood of choice but i am wondering about microlam.

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Very stiff materials like granite, marble, bluestone, hardwoods of sufficient thickness and some kitchen countertops are excellent for isolating against bending forces 🔄 that are produced by flexing of the Earth’s surface (along with forces in many other directions which should also be isolated against). In fact, if my calculations are correct there is an infinite ♾ number of directions of motion if you count all the directions in the horizontal plane. 🔛 Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as isolation. Sigh 😔