Microacoustics 2002e cartridge

I recently purchased a Microacoustics 2002e cartridge new in box at a house sale. Anyone know anything about it?
I used to have one back in the 70's. I think it was under $100 new, at the time, which was expensive for a moving magnet. It received good press and competed with the better Shure and Stanton cartridges of that era. I'm sure it will still sound decent. I have a vintage 3002 which came along a little later and it sounds quite nice in a modest setup.
not a MM but an electret. very flat, great dynamics, xlnt imaging, one of my favorites.
Electret indeed. Just goes to show that there is more than one way to skin a cat, or to produce a cartridge. Sort of strange that MCs get all the attention and are so well represented within the "survivor" ranks of cartridgedom. Now if someone could explain how an electret works, that would be fine, beacuse all I can remember is that the change in the material itself brought about by the mechanical action of the stylus attached to the electret material alters electrical current, or something like that. In a way audio was more fun back then. Remember the Empire 2000Z? That was also confused with a moving magnet and, though quite similar, was actually a moving iron cartridge, if memory serves me right. Does were the days!
Obviously should have read "Those were the days!" . It's better to read it before you post it. Oops...