Micro-zotl hook-up

OK, I bought a Microzotl with the idea of using it as a headphone amp. It arrived today, sounds great. It will also drive my 96 dB horns that I got for my office to levels more than loud enough for that space. I will be using only one source so it is a small, nice-sounding "integrated" that will work for both the uses I need. Problem is, does anyone have an idea of how I can use it as an integrated and as an hp amp, w/o plugging and uplugging the speakers each time? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks guys/gals.
And while you're at it, anyone know how to open the case to roll some tubes. It appears to be pop-riveted closed. TIA
I've had a Micro ZOTL for about three years and yes, it is a very strong one watt that it produces. It works great on horns and other high efficiency speakers.

David Berning will make mods to the units that include adding multiple inputs and outputs so the ZOTL can be used as a preamp. Perhaps you should give him a call and see if he will modify yours so the speakers can be defeated when you want to use your headphones. I can see where having to detach your speaker cables every time would be very undesirable.

The rivets you refer to are actually screws. You will need a hex head driver or a small allen wrench to remove them. Mine came with an allen wrench so maybe you should look in your shipping materials to see if it got loose.

I've tried a variety of tubes in mine and also utilize a DC power source. A discussion of both of those would be extremely lengthy, so if you are interested, drop me an email. I'll be happy to compare notes with you.