Micro SX-8000 II or SZ-1

Does anybody know if there is a mayor difference between the Micro-Seiki SX-8000 II and the "flagship" SZ-1?
A friend told me I should look for a SZ-1 because it offers a better motor. Having a SX-8000 II I am not shure whether it is worth looking for a SZ-1 or only for another motor-unit?

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Thuchan, you recommend three separate isolation platforms for motor, table and flywheel. How can one control relative movement between the three? If they move differently, would that not effect belt/thread tension and thus effect speed?

The Timeline database thread discusses the early SOTA tables that have the motor mounted on a sub chassis which is separate from the platter, so they could move relative to each other and according to some users, this caused speed issues.
11flat6, Yes, I agree.

Dkarmeli, yes, I agree with this as long as relative horizontal movement is fixed. However, I was more concerned with relative vertical movement between the three and this would be dependent on the type of isolation and if it moves in the vertical plane. I'm most familiar with Vibraplane platforms and if one deflates at a different rate than the others, problems with belt tension and thus speed may occur.

I suppose if the movement is slight and only in the vertical direction and the belt/thread has the room to move up or down the platter, but the horizontal distance remains the same, there would not be any problems.