Micro Seki gunmetal platter

One of the attractions of MS turntables is their gunmetal platters. Often these will show wear and tear of three decades.

What platters are interchangeable? Is there a film on the metal or is it patina? How did the platters present when new? Were they brilliant or dull finish?

Finally has anyone had experience in restoring a platter removing light gouges or uneven colour?
I think I read something over at Audio Asylum about the silver platter sounding better but people like the looks of the gold.

You should do search over at AA.
I have a friend that has his 5000 resurfaced to a new unblemished condition. This is no small feat requiring removing, sending to S Calif. machinist and having the work done. You could find someone local, but the metal worker that did the 5000 has owned a Micro Seiki 5000 and done a couple. He is a super model maker and craftsman. I don't know what he charges but it would not be cheap or fast. If you're interested, email me for his name and number. (No other affiliation except that I've purchased his products.)
Having owned several Micro Seiki tables I can't imagine why anyone would like the aluminum platters better than the gunmetal. The aluminum platter needs the CU180 copper mat to reduce ringing. If the "silver" platter that was discussed was stainless steel, then that's another matter!
I read, many moons ago, on a Japanese site featuring comments by people who seemed to know MS stuff reasonably well that the gunmetal platter was "meant for" solid state systems, and the stainless steel platter for tube amplification. I have no corroboration from anywhere else and it could well be wrong. Maybe Jcarr knows...
Thanks for the replies, could to share tidbits of info on the forum.