Micro Seiki vacuum gaskets

Any other Micro Seiki fans still around? I have an RX-5000, RX-1500V and two Kyocera PL-910s, which were made by MS. A question: my "little" 1500 has the aluminum vacuum platter. I recently bought the heavier gunmetal RT-2000VG platter which came to me without either the inner or the outer vacuum gaskets. The gaskets in my aluminum platter are in perfect condition and I plan to move them to the gunmetal platter. Any tips on safely removing them from the old platter and then installing them in the new platter? They are fragile and nearly irreplaceable, so I want to do this carefully to avoid damaging them. I can't see how they are anchored inside nor their cross-sectional profile. Any advice from others who've done this before would be greatly appreciated.

you can start by pulling gently but firmly the gasket. It will not break! As you do that, study the groove and the way the gasket i fitted into the platter. Then you can insert them into the new platter by helping yourself with a round edge smooth wooden stick to push the gaskets into place work gently.



would love to get in Italy one of your PL-910 ;-)
Salvo, I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge your helpful reply from a year ago. I wish Audiogon had an email alert system (maybe there is a setting I missed). Anyway, I was able to transfer the silicone gaskets without incident, much as you described.

I will be selling one of my two Kyocera PL-910s in the coming months.