Micro Seiki TT problem

I just bought a DX-1000 TT from a steaming POS in Canada and it obviously has a big problem. It seems to run at only the 45RPM setting no matter which speed button is pressed. The strobe will line up with the top ring which has the more closely spaced bars on it, but the 33 RPM setting seems to be in the same speed range.

Any suggestsions or people to send it to for repairs?

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More than likely, it's the control unit. I don't have a recommendation for a repairman, but Vinylengine has the service manual. This should help a technician diagnose the problem.
I've had a similar problem before. Strobe lines up but speed is way off. Pls download the service manual. I believe your strobe needs to be calibrated. You need a multimeter with a frequency range. There are test points inside the motor unit IIRC. Hope it helps.

Btw pls leave feedback for the seller.
Well, I found out that you have to hit the stop button after every speed that you use, then turn the power off...turn power back on then select a new speed. Doesn't seem to work every time this way, but after a couple of tries, will get you in the right speed range. I'll have to find the manual first. Thanks for the input/suggestions.
You do not need to do this. The manual and service manual are available on vinyl engine. I have owned a few of these over the years and something is wrong with your turntable
Yep, your right, I disassembled the control unit and found out that the 45 rpm micro switch was sticking, so all the contacts were cleaned and now it is working properly. I downloaded all the manuals from the Vinyl Engine site. Now on to finding suitable replacement rubber balloon feet as one of them is ruptured. Looks like Sorbothane doughnuts would work in place of the factory rubber units.
Unless you're willing to fork over a ridiculous amount of money for NOS feet, you need to be creative. Sorbothane is an excellent vibration damper.